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  1. Greetings, I just received a not-well packed (evidently returned) "new" ikelite A640 housing from B&H. All the packing issues aside, I have a question about the shutter release mechanism the answer to which is going to determine if I keep this housing, return for a new replacement, or get another brand housing (Canon's). Here is the problem: The entire camera moves noticeably as the shutter is released with the ikelite shutter release lever! (See picture below.) Note that when the shutter lever is activated, the small rubber boot does not contact the shutter button, instead the end of the metal return spring contacts the outer edge of the shutter button and acts it to release the shutter. It also seems the spring is actually dragging the shutter button, and the camera, away from the back of the housing as the shutter is activated. Shouldn't the rubber boot actually make contact with the button, and in the center, and vertically? Or is what I'm experiencing normal? The camera is firmly attached to the base plate. If anyone who owns this housing could carefully inspect the pictures below, and take a look at their housing, and then let me know if this is normal, I'd really appreciate it. THANKS! Leon
  2. Greetings, I just received today, from BH, a "new" ikelite housing that doesn't appear new, and has a shutter release problem...or at least what seems to be a problem. First of all, how does ikelite normally pack their cases? Mine came loose in a white box with no ikelite logo, and no wrapping at all around the case. THe case is slightly scuffed and appears ok, but I'm disgruntled at having spent the bucks and having received no bubble-wrap. Also, the serial number on the housing was poorly stamped, with numbers over numbers. Seems odd for a company with such a good reputation. The second, and perhaps more important issue, is the fact that when the shutter is depressed, the entire camera moves, albeit slightly, but it moves, and at just the time you'd probably prefer it remain stationary. Upon closer inspection it appears that the end of the return spring, not the rubber boot, makes contact at the outer edge of the shutter button; the rubber boot never makes contact. THe force it is exerting must be substantial to move the camera as if I remove the back with the camera attached, I have to push rather hard on the button to move the camera as far. (Yes, the camera is firmly attached to the mounting plate.) Also today came two Canon housings, one for my wife's SD 800, and one for a friends A710IS. Both were very well packed, and cause no movement of the camera when the shutter is depressed. I opted to spend over twice as much for my housing and, at least so far, am regretting it. I'll also call ikelite and BH tomorrow. Any comments on this would be appreciated. We're all leaving for USVI on July 8th, and I'd very much like to have an operating system by then! Leon
  3. Greetings, I'm purchasing a Canon 640 to replace my flooded Olympus 8080 and Olympus housing. The question is: What is it about the Ikelite housing, other then its ability to dive deeper than 130 feet, that makes it worth more than twice the cost of Canon's housing? I can literally purchase the camera and Canon housing for less than the Ikelite housing cost alone. Think of the extra $ for the strobe I'll need to replace my trusty old MS since unlike for the 8080, the preflash cannot be turned off on the Canon. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated. Of course, what I'd really like is a housing for my Sony R1, but Ikelite gave up. Off to St. Croix in July. First visit. THanks, Leon
  4. Greetings, I, along with 4 other divers, will be in St. Croix from 7/8 'til 7/18. I've already made reservations for 3 nights in Hotel Frederksted, and 7 nights at the Sugar Beach Condo. HAving never been there before, I hope I didn't make too big a mistake in those choices; it is difficult to know the best locations until after the first visit. Any suggestions for shore ( boat) dives near either area would be greatly appreciated! We plan the dives mentioned above, and have already been warned about the dives near Christiansted. Thanks again for that as well as the restaurant recommendations. Any suggestions for dive operators? No hurricanes, please. Leon
  5. Greetings, I too am in a very similar situation. I have a Sony R1 which I love for my above water photography, although I initially purchased it to replace an Olympus 8080 I used for both above and below water photography, but which I flooded about 1 year ago. Since no cases are available for the R1, I intend to keep it, but purchase almost exactly what you described for my underwater camera. So far my research has led to the Canon A640. Have you looked into it? What I don't know as yet is what to do about the strobe, which case to buy, which after market lense,... and so on. Any way, let me know if you've found something that better fits your needs than the 640. I still haven't purchased mine. Mr. L.
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