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  1. Hello, About 7 years ago, after reading that Vieques had exquisite snorkeling, I went there for five days and had a magical experience exploring there, especially around and under Mosquito Pier. I'm wondering if any of you have been since Hurricane Maria. I would certainly like to support Vieques (though will not be traveling for the foreseeable future, until it's safe to do so; I live in NYC, tested positive for COVID-19, have recovered after 25 days in a single room, and now have a high titer level of antibodies), and explore Culebra as well, both snorkeling and diving, and would be grateful for your impressions and insights. Many thanks, AJ
  2. Thank you, paolobl65! I was in Seychelles two years ago in early July, but will keep that in mind for a future trip!
  3. Hello, I've dreamed of swimming with whales, and particularly humpback whales, since reading an article as a boy about whales and whale song in National Geographic. I've started to explore possible means and places to do this, and am grateful for the insights (and images!) posted on this forum by paolobl65, Don Silcock, photovan, and others. I'd be grateful for your insights into your experiences on the best places and ways to proceed, of course having as a starting point the safest, most respectful and ecologically responsible ways. Is Tonga likely the best place to explore? Dominican Republic, Ningaloo, elsewhere? Is a tour the best (or only) way to proceed? Is it possible to hire legal charters once there? Are photo/video permits required? I've seen and love the work of @karimiliya on Instagram, and the company www.dancewithwhales.com, and while in isolation in NYC during the pandemic, am fantasizing about the possibility of swimming with whales once it's safe to travel. Many thanks in advance for your insights. AJ
  4. Hello divers, I swam competitively as a boy but only recently learned to dive, for the joy of it, as well as to capture photos and videos. I made a trip to Monterey, CA in early 2018, and the folks at Backscatter were incredibly friendly and helpful as I started learning to shoot with the Nauticam housing for a Sony a7r iii, both with and without the Wet Wide Lens. I've since traveled to the Seychelles, to Heron Island and Lady Elliot Island in the southern Great Barrier Reef, La Paz, Mexico, and other places, and look forward to continuing to explore diving and underwater photography & videography. I've since also been using an Outex housing in pools, both with the Sony a7r iii and iv, though have yet to try the Outex in the ocean.
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