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  1. I'm not totally unused to that but I was surprised that I didn't find a lot of good info online considering how popular they are.
  2. I've used my new strobes a few time with mixed results. I'm slowly getting the hang of them. I've been jumping between tttl and manual and just trying to use them a lot to understand the controls and what they do. My questions today are about soaking the strobes in freshwater. Today I gave the strobes a soak and I had the fiber optic cable detached from the housing and strobe and soaked it in fresh water. Is there any issues soaking the fiber optic cable? Should I be rinsing it? I also soaked a strobe with the ball mount removed. Is it ok to have the mount screw hole exposed? I that the hole has an o-ring. I assumed that is more to keep your from bottoming out the screw into the strobe than to create a water tight seal? Any other rinse tips would be appreciated. I dive a lot and want to keep these in good shape.
  3. Another question. Are you guys cleaning the analog plug o-ring every time or leaving that sealed if you don't use it?
  4. I work on a dive boat and we have a professional photographer that goes out with us on most dives. I'm just getting into underwater photography and I've been looking to him for advice. Yesterday I noticed for the for time that when he is shooting macro and general pics of customers he doesn't use any arms on his rig. He has the strobe attached to the housing via an analog cable and he swims with the strobe in one hand and the housing in the other. This sorta blew me away as I shoot a lot of macro and sometimes I have issue figuring out strobe position when shooting nudis very close up, or just issues getting the strobes close enough in the tight spaces where I find the nudis. Is this a pretty common technique? I asked if he uses a leash between the housing and strobe and he said no. I'd be worried about dropping one part of the system and the cable breaking. Any thoughts on this? I thought it was pretty interesting, but I'm so new to underwater photography that almost everything is pretty interesting to me.
  5. I just got my new inon Z-330s. The manual says to clean and lube the i-rings before every dive. My friends says that's overkill and to do it every two or 3 dives. Thoughts? I feel like constantly taking the orings on and off might be worse than cleaning them each dive. I'm a Dive master and I dive 4 to 6 times a week with my camera.
  6. I live on a small island in the middle of the Pacific. My battery selection is slim! But I've amazon sent out another set of batteries after they lost the first one. So I should get those by August!
  7. Inon says eneloop but Amazon is 14 days away and I can't find any locally. Are regular energizer rechargeables bad for my strobes in any way?
  8. Why couldn't the manual just have said that? Thank you, that was helpful and straightforward.
  9. I'm hoping for a little clarification. I just got a set of inon 330s and I'm having a hard time understanding the manual. Can someone explain the ev control switch and it's use on ttl vs manual. The advanced cancel circuit switch. Should I have it on the up position only when shooting manual?
  10. I shoot mostly macro and a little bit bit of wide angle. I wanted a rig that I could do a bit of both and not break the budget. Did I forget anything? Any input on any of my choices? Here are some of my pics. My Flickr Page
  11. Hi, I'm trying to put together a lighting system for my olympus t6. Right now I own the camera and the olympus housing. I shoot a lot of macro but I don't want to but equipment that limits me to only macro. I also want equipment that is good enough to go to my next camera when I eventually replace my a6000 with a new version and buy a housing for it. I'm thinking of doing either the ys-01 or the inon s2000 I'm hoping to get some advice here on building a really good bang for the buck system. I know there is the thought to buy the best and cry later...but I also need to eat so that is not in the cards. Below if what I'm looking at getting so far. Also here is a link to my underwater flickr..You can see the kind of photos that I take. For body and arms I looked at backscatter and was kinda blown away by the prices. I found this tray and arm combo on amazon..Its prime so I figure if I get it and its no good I can always return it. I also have a multitude of budget flashlights and instead of buying a purpose built video light or focus light my plan is to use one of my flashlights as a focus light. I also found the cold shoe adapters on amazon and the mount. I'm looking for a better price on the fiber optic cables..they seem wildly expensive on backscatter for what they are.
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