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  1. HI, Im selling my Hasselblad H38 Peterson Gates Underwater Housing for 903 SWC, 903SWC (Superwide). It's in excellent condition. The angle of view is so wide that one usually just points the housing, but I found the viewfinder useful as well. The dome is mint with no scratches. The housing has been used maybe 50 times at the most. Fantastic housing!! It was developed in collaboration by Lee Peterson at Marine Camera Distributors and Gates with Hasselblad. It was designed to optically match the Zeiss Biogon 38mmm on the 903 SWC Superwide and take full advantage of it's unique (non retrofocus) optical design. I enjoyed using it immensely. It's so well balanced, that it weighs only a few ounces underwater. Over the years, I've found myself using it less and less, so it's unfortunately time for it to go. The selling price was $5575.00 USD in 2005. And I believe 2005 was the when they stopped making them. This is super rare item. I can't find them anywhere online to make a price for selling. It comes with everything - new nuts and bold, o-rings and two light meters. one working and one for parts. I Have no idea of how to price and I have spoke to Hasselblad USA to find out and they response was wow!!!! how do you have one? they are so rare. I live on the Gold Coast Australia I have images if needed
  2. Hi everyone, I Have a H38 Paterson Gates water housing for a hasselblad 903swc/swc and did know if anyone else has one? and know what strobes are best for it? cheers Aaron
  3. Hi everyone, Me being a lover of film photography and still shooting 95% of my photos still with film. I was wondering does anyone else still shoot it ? id love to know who does and see people thoughts. Or even hear your stories of when you might have shot film. cheers Aaron
  4. G’day everyone, hope all is well around the world with all that’s going on. My name is Aaron and I live at Coolangatta which is in Queensland Australia. I mainly shooting with film ( 120 and 220 ) and most of it is on e6 which is slide film. I look forward to having a chat and meeting you all soon. cheers Aaron
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