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  1. Sometimes you really have to look closely especially when dealing with nudis in the nordic waters. Like this Goniodoris nodosa. Taken in Smögen (more exactly Pesa, a small island in the archipelago outside Smögen), Sweden. 25/4 2020. Encountered at 10 m depth. Camera: Olympus TG-5, 1/100@f/4.9, ISO 400. No strobes as of yet. Red cushion star (Porania pulvilus) taken in Smögen the same day (More exactly Stora Håskär, another island in the archipelago) at 21 m depth. Camera: Olympus TG-5, 1/60@f/3.6, ISO 400. No strobes as of yet.
  2. Hi there everyone, i too post my photos on Instagram You can find it here: https://www.instagram.com/gamle_sun/ I mostly do photography In Skagerrak for now (sea on the Swedish west coast)
  3. Well hello there! My name is Emil, and i am a diver, aspiring marine biologist and all around underwater nerd from the cold reaches of Sweden, more exactly the Swedish west coast. I have held a passion for the sea for as long as i can remember and the creatures in it. I love dealing with species identification from photographs, though i only deal with nordic species so far. I usually do macro photography, though i am still new to underwater photography, with a compact camera (TG-5). And want to show that, even if coral reefs and warm waters are nice and all, there is many pretty animals in the less popular, colder waters further north worth seeing and maybe protecting. When not diving, i enjoy video games, reading fantasy (sometimes other genres as well) and cooking. So that is all for now Emil
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