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  1. Please don't post the email address publicly. This will cause a lot of spam for him (and targeted scams)!
  2. Ok thank you - I'm in for 5meters Tim if you plan to be in EU/UK in Feb?
  3. Hi Tim, Quick question - how do you cut the fiber optic once I have several meters ? I may be interested (UK based). Thanks
  4. Zeiss Batis 18 is absolutely fantastic for astro, I can confirm this (and reviews have also done this). I sometimes use it UW with a 8.5 acrylic dome (+20mm extension) - love it for UW photo while freediving.
  5. I think we are several here with the same idea! 6 years ago, I did a liveaboard trip with a boat operator that would also organise every year a 1 month dive trip from Komodo to Raja Ampat, stopping every day to dive. The idea seemed wonderful to me but with Covid, I believe the operator was forced to close down (Wicked Diving). Next Wetpixel trip ;--)
  6. Beautiful video! I definitely need to get a rebreather
  7. I learned something new - thank you @Phil Rudin for correcting me! shame i can't edit my post.
  8. So what are the benefits of a medium format sensor? Depth of field Higher dynamic range Less grain? Higher resolution All of these benefits disappear underwater. the problem you will face is that the bigger the sensor size, the bigger the dome you will need. With a full-frame, you already need at least 8.5" domes (most will use 230mm) and I can't imagine what dome size would be needed in order to keep an image sharp. Additionally, you will need to close your aperture significantly in order to keep the image sharp (otherwise, the large dome you will have will still give you soft corners), thus negating one of the format's benefit. You will also need to use artificial lighting in any case (you won't have a huge dynamic range UW) Modern DSLRs already have 40+MP count, I am confident that this is enough for any use I'll let others chime in and correct me (having never used a medium format) but these are my first thoughts
  9. Thank you all for the insights and for the leash advice - definitely don't want to drop a camera there..!
  10. And here I was, thinking all housings had the same o-ring type..! Thank you Chris, I learned something new
  11. In about 200 dives with my housing, I probably have greased the o-rings 3 times. I always make sure nothing is in the way but if the o-ring safely sits in the housing, why take the risk of taking it out?
  12. Thank you all for the tips and good advices! I think I'll go with the smaller dome and the WWL-1 and leave the larger dome for calmer seas! I don't expect split shots to be fantastic there
  13. Hi, I will be heading to Norway in a few weeks for an orca & whale snorkeling/freediving trip. Strobes/lights are not allowed during this trip It will be dark (4h of daylight per day) I shoot on FF, and expect of bringing a Fisheye (Sigma 15mm) and a rectilinear WA. I also have Nauticam WWL-1 but i fear it will be too cumbersome to freedive with (+significant drag) Big or small dome? With 6/7mm glove (mitts), i don't think I can count on dexterity to quickly modify settings on my camera I never had the opportunity to dive with these animals so I'm welcoming any tips you have (i guess, bumping ISO and fast shutter speeds)! I really don't know what to expect photography-wise.. Thank you!
  14. You can do it on dry land, it shouldn't overheat if you do one test. Use minimum power
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