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  1. I can't imagine what dome size you'd need with a rectilinear that wide?
  2. I have left the flash trigger on for a whole week liveaboard trip. Bring spare batteries just in case but this trigger draws very little power. Is there any way to remove the focus knob on these Nauticam ports?
  3. Hi, Congrats on the purchase - maybe it's best if you create a separate post as these questions are not really related on the housing thread itself I just carry my gear in my carry on if it fits, otherwise i'll put the whole thing in the suitcase. Never had any issue. Assemble everything before being on the boat. As for the float, you need to do buoyancy check on your equipment (bathtub and electronic scale should work).
  4. I don't see why anyone would chose that lens UW when WWL-1 is compatible with the sony system? If you're looking for rectilinear, you could get the 16-35mm f4 with a bit wider range and zoom capabilities.
  5. Very nice shots, I love the first two ! Thank you for sharing and welcome!
  6. Maldives receives shipment of 200,000 Chinese Sinopharm doses https://raajje.mv/97337
  7. I agree on the 18mm. The Batis 18mm is insanely sharp on land and UW has great FoV for rectilinear without too long of a focus distance. It's on the pricier side though Definitely one of my favorite lens.
  8. https://www.indiablooms.com/health-details/W/8947/maldives-plans-to-legalise-shark-fishing.html Maldives plans to authorise shark fishing again...
  9. Davide, You may be in luck https://www.thingiverse.com/search?q=panasonic+14+42&type=things&sort=relevant Disclaimer : I have not tried them and am not familiar with panasonic lens range but some seem to match yours?
  10. 2x YS D2J, a hundred dives so far with each and no issues :-) i just hope this post won't jinx them...
  11. Just brainstorming but maybe have Adam invite some forum video makers on Wetpixel live for the youtube episodes techniques and teach in? Conscious it can be a lot of work.. !
  12. Hi Tom, Do you mind sharing your thoughts on it? I don't have one but keen to hear more about your mixed results? Thank you Alex
  13. This is such a great commercial move. Won't cost much but highly useful for the owners. Anecdotally, I tried to renegotiate and push back my diving insurance last year (given lack of diving) but clearly they weren't as business friendly!
  14. Hi, What depth do you dive? Where (blue/green waters)? What kind of visibility? These may other members answer the questions you have!
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