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  1. I shoot mostly manuel but do have a Turtle adaptor to shoot TTL with Sony - the adaptor is compatible with many strobe brands
  2. item found - no further need. thank you
  3. Hi, Everything is in the title Shipping would be in Europe Thank you
  4. The sony 16-35 F4 has a 72mm thread which means it isn't compatible with the S&S correction filter (the 16-35 2.8GM has a 82mm thread). I quite like the 18mm prime from zeiss, its auto-focus is extremely quick ! I sometimes feel limited by the prime focal length though
  5. Thank you all for the great replies! I'll try to be more diligent the next dive as well as give a go on the silicone lubricant !
  6. Hi, Looking for a Nauticam zoom gear 37145 https://www.nauticam.com/products/se1635-z-zoom-gear-for-sony-vario-tessar-t-fe-16-35mm-f4-za-oss PM me if you have something available Thank you
  7. Great pictures! I'm very familiar with the Mediterranean but not the Atlantic side! How is Brittany vs. further down the coast? Do you go with local dive clubs?
  8. Hi, I'm having water stains (white marks) on my nauticam housing and i'm trying to wipe them off but they keep staying there. Also how do you clean the buttons? Despite some thorough rincing in clear water, i still have some salt stuck in the gaps! Curious as how you do it! Thank you
  9. i've sent you a PM, still not sure if I want to separate from my miniflash but depending on the offer.. ;-)
  10. Hi, i know it's been over a year but wondering if it was still available? Do you ship to Europe? Thanks
  11. Thanks! that's actually a great tip i've never really thought about..
  12. Hi, I was wondering what type of dive computer do you use when you have a housing in your hands while diving? Is air integration a requirement for you? or is it size of screen? Let me know!
  13. Hi Hi, Would you consider selling items separately?
  14. I've just looked at it and it seems to have been sold out!
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