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  1. It is the same glass. Difference is mainly availability at your local retailer and shade (aluminium for Zen vs plastic for Nauticam).
  2. Ok that's worrying, thanks for sharing! I tend to buy from time to times on eBay and was lucky to avoid that! - Was it a cross border sale? - Did the member have high reputation? Any flags or recommendations from your eBay concierge on how to avoid this going forward? Thanks
  3. misread Tim's post on the guy's name I have the S TTL, no issues at all - works great. Just email Balazs, he's on the forum as well and was responsive when i had a question @Balage_diver
  4. When i go onhttps://www.nauticam.com/pages/search-results?q=carbon i can see plenty of carbon float arm options. Are you sure?
  5. I use both the Nauticam trigger for Sony & the S-TTL trigger made by Pavel (Disclaimer : i paid for it and am not affiliated with Turtle). With YSD2J strobes I never had any issue with the S-TTL and its battery lasts longer than I've ever needed (I charge it every 2 day of diving just in case but never ran out so far). I can't complain on that front. The trigger has worked great for me. As per fiber optics, I have built my own fiber optic cables to my Sea & Sea strobes. I 3D printed the Sea&Sea connector and plugged the optic fiber (3mm core/4mm diameter total) and this works flawlessly. Much more robust than the Nauticam ones
  6. Hi Tino, In case no one replies here, have a try with the French UW forum (forum-photosub.fr) - a lot of DIY homemade projects are posted there.
  7. Welcome imacro! There are subforums specific for beginners & gear on Wetpixel - I'd recommend you posting there for more visibility
  8. There currently is a N100 Flat 32 port on ebay, shipper is in the UK, you should PM the seller to see if there's shipping to the US. (disclaimer : i'm not affiliated to that seller, just stumbled on it as I was looking for other items)
  9. A great "in your face" shot! Wouldn't a large dome get a higher chance of scratch vs a smaller dome in this type of situation?
  10. VTO is almost always a physiological "condition" rather than an acquired skill. I have yet to meet a freediver who has "trained" for VTO. That said, Frenzel is a great technique for all freedivers and certainly at 20m you will not be limited by this. It's great that you can train for depth! I would also consider training some STA and DYN. DYN for CO2 buildup and contractions tolerance and STA for mental awareness. If you have to do tables, just do CO2 ones. Thank you for sharing!
  11. Thank you Chris, this is very helpful!
  12. Hi, (Pre-clear : I'm aware that WACP is the most suitable solution for Wide Angle wet lenses on Full frame cameras) Is there any reason on having a WWL-1 for Full frame though? I see on Nauticam's port charts that it lists compatibility for Sony A7 system. Most of the reviews i've read on the WWL-1 cover smaller sensor sizes so I'm keen on exploring this option. Is WWL-1 on a FF still sharp on the corners and does it let as such stop up to higher apertures? I've used the search function here, so apologies if I missed an already existing thread here.. Thank you and Happy new year!
  13. Hi Mark, Great pictures! I love the frog one, it's an unusual subject! i have just followed you on IG Alex
  14. I contacted S&S a few months ago on this and they had no plans on creating filters for the different lens sizes out there unfortunately
  15. This. Also, If it makes you feel safer then 100% go for this setup. I'd add that your dive partners need to be familiar with this setup as well and you need to make sure not to get entangled with the long hose when you donate if you have a housing with long arms and strobes deployed. Make sure you are trained/train yourself with this setup. (realistically, in an out of air situation, you'll never have time to stow neatly your housing and strobe arms). Also, make sure your buddy KNOWS and understands your setup. Most divers will look for a yellow regulator. -- I personnally dive all the time with long hose during Tx dives except on liveaboards when i travel alone where i go for the classic main reg + octopus setup (not betting on other divers to know my setup). Plus with main reg + octo I can save 1kilo on a first stage for my suitcase, it's a bonus photo accessory hehe
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