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  1. You can do it on dry land, it shouldn't overheat if you do one test. Use minimum power
  2. Quality of light Power of light Consistency of light itensityregardless of battery power Cycle speed (how fast you can trigger them) High Speed Sync for the newer models Sales support
  3. Ciao Davide, Thank you so much for your detailed message! I will definitely check both places out ! Argentario seems like a great place and I am planning to go to Tuscany next year! I will give you a shout when/if I go! Alex
  4. A very meta feedback but would it be possible to reduce the time between searches on this forum? When I search for something (using the text box), i need to wait several seconds every time I move between the results pages. This is not a big issue frankly, but I found this feature a little bit frustrating today! I guess it must be to prevent cyber attacks? Thank you Alex
  5. Hi, I have PM'd for "NA N120 140 mm Optical Glass Fish Eye Dome port with removable shade for Canon 8-15 mm fisheye lens" . I may be interested depending on your location.
  6. Hi Stuart, Great pictures and beautiful colors! It's always nice to see tropical water photos as a European! I particularly like the nurse shark, the hermit crab and the octopus eyes. For the barrel sponge one, is it a cropped one at 60mm (+WWL-1) ? Thank you for sharing Alex
  7. I am not planning anything further than Egypt (EU based) and actually want to dive more locally. There is too much uncertainty still and I don't want to waste my time and energy with Insurers trying to claim deposits back if a trip gets cancelled. I doubt 2022 will be "Normal" but i hope (if vaccination continues to be rolled out globally and no new variants) that long distance international travel will be easier by the second half of next year My next trip is actually Farnes for the seals at the end of this month, and I will try to go to Liguria later this year but nothing exotic! On my "local"' list are also Scapa Flow Northern Scotland (Kinlochbervie If I remember correctly) The shipwrecks near Marseille (Donator, Chaouen, Togo, Rubis) Sardinia (i heard good things on Tavolara)
  8. The 28-60 with WWL 1 is wider at the longer end than the 16-35 (probably would be "similar" to a 21mm from a diagonal °) so the 16-35mm is the tightest of the two at 35mm. Also the WWL-1 has some barrel distortion, some may not like it for sharks (although not as strong as Fisheye). When popping the WWL-1 off, the 28-60 would be suboptimal at the wider end (it sits behind a flat port, not a dome), you'd lose a lot of corner sharpness vs. a 16-35 + dome but I have not tried this. If it's shooting in the blue, I guess it wouldn't be too important. Thank you for opening my eyes there Alex
  9. Not a direct answer to you but I have almost all of the sony wide angle combos possible (on A7III) 28-60 + WWL-1 15mm Sigma + dome (& extension) 16-35 + dome (& extension) 18mm (Batis) + dome (& extension) The 1. has the highest corner to corner sharpness / Image quality of all of the above and it is the most well balanced and compact rig. I am extremely happy with it. The 14mm would be nice if you shoot mostly inside of wrecks or if you want a very wide split shot but for any other aspects, I would go for 1. or 2. Maybe if I go in Maldives and want to take pictures of distant sharks then I will chose the 16-35 (or break the piggy bank for a WACP).
  10. Beautiful shots Massimo - thank you for sharing! Great album, all the shots are amazing - I particularly love the anthias side portrait (beautiful lighting), the wide angle with the 2 cernie, the "hole in the wall with Anthias" and the blenny & octopus shots. I am mostly shooting in the French Mediterranean side when I can travel but I need to try the Italian reefs, Liguria and Amalfi then ! Grazie mille! Alex
  11. I believe your shutter speed is too fast - try 1/200 or 1/160 ... Or, (although i doubt) it could be the strobes are too close to the housing (thus blocking the light) See for similar problem here :
  12. Hi Adam(and sorry OP to jump on this topic) Would you recommend Aquaphot for a housing servicing rather than sending to the manufacturer for someone UK based? Thanks!
  13. I always jump with the camera (backroll, giant strade, or higher jump (highest was 2m) and depending on the boat I either bring it back myself or hand it to the crew.
  14. yeah cool one! was it with the CMC-1 and your A7C?
  15. nice shots and the colors are very pleasing! You are much closer to the subject than in the previous pictures you posted, this counts as much as good strobe positioning !
  16. Had a transaction with Omar @hijodelmar for two custom optic fibers - shipped and received promptly, great communication.
  17. I think it's just a post to pass the minimum 3 posts for the Classified sections..
  18. My jump settings are ISO 400, f/13, 1/160, so it's exactly the same EV as yours. I dive in deeper water than you from what I can see from the picture (30-60m) so maybe reduce your ISO to start with and try turning the strobes at 3/4 power - adjust strobe power from there. Also : when reviewing pictures underwater on your LCD screen, reduce the LCD brightness to -1 or -2 on Sony.
  19. If you want proper paint to cover all of your fins, use boat paint (polyurethane?) but it's so expensive that you might as well buy a new set of white fins. Otherwise, use a paint pen marker (<10$) which works on most surface and color a small zone of the fin, that should do the trick
  20. I'm really not a macro guy, but the nudis are very nice! I like the last one!
  21. If it is a dome that you're looking for, the smallest setup would be the Sigma 15mm lens, with Nauticam N100-120 adapter and a 140mm dome. I have it and it's very compact (you can find Metabones, Sigma MC-11 adapters and the Sigma 15mm used on ebays, i grabbed them there). That said the highest quality and very similar in terms of compactness (albeit a bit longer) is the Sony 28-60mm with the WWL-1 lens. It is extremely sharp and the rig is very well balanced with the float collar. I'd go for option 2 unless you specifically want a pure Fisheye lens. You can find Phil's reviews of these products at uwpmag.com (Phil, sorry for the free "ad"!) and they have been extensively discussed in this forum too (use search function) Alex
  22. Thank you Chris for this - very helpful, i got a clear mask ! Alex
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