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  1. Stunning video, I loved the glass fish scenes.., thank you for sharing! Did you go there by liveaboard?
  2. It does, all Sony A7x from A7II offer ISO 50 as base ISO (but ISO 100 remains the minimum for auto ISO)
  3. I talked to Balazs from Turtle, and it is possible that the TRT I acquired was made before HSS implementation. It will need a firmware update, so I will ship it to TRT headquarters. Thanks all for the help
  4. Hi, I have only been once to Grand Cayman and have loved the fantastic visibility that the island offered. UW photography Fantastic fisheye destination for reef and cave scenes There is no need to scuba dive for stingray city, snorkeling is perfectly fine (bring just a rashguard / boots and fins are nowadays not allowed there in any case). : for split shots, take a larger dome. After stingray city, try to pop a few minutes nearby at starfish point (midday is the best as you would cast the least amount of shadow), near Kaibo yacht club I did not find Grand Cayman to be very fishy, but the coral was fantastic. My favorite divesites were the wall dives were you can see protruding sponges tube and barrel sponges I only dove with Ocean Frontiers (east end), and the overall operation was fantastic. Some of the diveguides are great UW photographers themselves and will help you take the shot to bring home, or at least give you tips on each dive site specifity. I have not been there but heard about some nice shorediving on West bay for macro/critters I have not shot macro there but there are cute blennies around! Cayman in general Driving around is very easy I loved Crystal cave attraction and the botanical garden (bring a 90mm/105mm lens there, you'll find it great to take portraits of the residents blue iguanas) And that's about it for land based touristic spots (avoid "Hell", very disappointing but thank god it's free) Drone laws are very accomodating and the only places you are not allowed to fly over or nearby are the airport/prison and of course any private residence/crowd. Everything is expensive, even data roaming. Download on your map app the island for offline use. It was great to look for places while driving around I am terrible with dive site names but loved Snapper hole and Babylon. EDIT : i want to also add that any map of Cayman Island (from the airport or rental cars etc) will have a list of at least 200+ divesites.
  5. Very nice images and details (on the vimeo version)!!
  6. Welcome! Good to see you here!
  7. To illustrate this, defishing a fisheye shot, using a picture in my catalog (manual distortion correction pulled at +100), from a 15mm (on Full Frame). Edit Original fisheye shot Defisheyed shot (manual distortion correction set to +100, rather extreme but it illustrates well what Wolfgang had mentioned)
  8. Good point indeed, but having checked, e-curtain has no impact on my issue, whether it's on or off, the camera is unable to move to faster than 1/250 when the trigger is on (with settings mentioned in the first post). I also tried flash mode to Fill/Slow/Rear and the issue persists. At this stage, i'm hoping for someone whose setup is similar and functioning to tell me what their settings are and I can try do copy and test. Thank you Chris though
  9. Yes, I have, you're right for pointing out, just in case. The issue comes before that in the order of travel of signal. In order to try HSS, i want to put a fast shutter, but the camera, when the trigger is on just limits it to 1/250, so I can't try HSS, despite having actived Wireless Flash (WL set to ON), a setting required by the Turtle triggers for HSS.
  10. I'm reaching out to the community as I'm struggling to make the Smart s-TRT work in HSS mode (= i can't). I have no issue in normal Manual strobe mode (non HSS). Issue : shutter speed is limited at 1/250 when the s-TRT is on. It cannot go faster. I'm conscious there must be something wrong with my settings but i don't know what. Camera : A7III (latest firmware) Strobe : Retra pro X (latest firmware) Trigger : s-Tutle smart Strobes : Retra pro X with optic fibers (they are not the issue here) Camera settings are Shooting Mode : Manual Wireless Flash (WL) : ON Flash mode : Fill Flash Flash Comp : 0.0 Turtle trigger settings. I have done some trial and error and tested the two setups below with the above-mentioned camera settings but neither works. I made sure each time Wireless flash (WL) was ON, but shuter spee is blocked at 1/250. I'd appreciate some guidance if you have experienced the same issue or if you have actually a similar setup and made HSS work succesfully! Thank you Edit : I have followed the succinct user manual of the trigger https://www.trt-electronics.com/content/media/docs/s-turtle-smart_2019usb2.pdf
  11. I'm not as bright as a banana but printing my face on my suitcase will definitely make my luggage stand out Found this online :
  12. For wrecks : Great wrecks in Narvik, South of France (Donator, Grec, Rubis) and Portofino (Haven). Malta was already mentioned above For marine life : Argentario from the echoes of @Davide DB, Sardinia has some fantastic places, and so does the marine park next to Portofino. I head good things about Tenerife too In the UK, Kinlochbervie seems spectacular, but haven't been so far, + the seal dives in Lundy and Farnes
  13. Wonderful, thank you for sharing ! This reminds me of Ballesta's expeditions ! I definitely need to spend more time in Liguria/Toscana for the food diving
  14. Thank you all for another year of sharing and UWPhotography education! Happy holidays !
  15. I've booked transport with Egypt Happy Travel, but always small groups (minibus, rather than full bus). No complaints; everything handled with whatsapp.
  16. It must be that, probably on the camera side as it works flawlessly on A7III (i have had no issues). Shame as the MC-11 is a pretty cheap adaptor compared to Metabones! Your friend can find some pretty good deals on ebay (i had gotten one there I recall)
  17. You use a contraption called a step-up ring adapter (allows you to use 72mm threaded filters on a 77mm threaded lens) (Sorry, i really wanted to use that word )
  18. Wow, that's great - much better than divemasterinsurance that I shared above
  19. https://www.divemasterinsurance.com/ The premium is not cheap and overall keep in mind that insurers reimburse the depreciated value of the asset you want to insure. The older the gear, the less valuable it becomes depending on where you live, you may contact your local insurance broker, they may be able to find a specialist for you as well
  20. Thanks Draq - do you have any picture you could share? I can't visualize what you mean with the velcro? Do you wrap it around the float or through it?
  21. It's a very sound idea, had not thought about it! Thank you I'll message the company and will keep this forum updated on their response
  22. Hi Stillviking, It would be great if you could post pictures as examples. Thanks
  23. Hi, I have some styx floats but realize that I threw away some of the inserts that hold the float to the strobe arm. Does someone have an idea of where I can get some again? Thank you
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