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  1. smurillo

    WTB SMC-1

    Looking for a SMC-1. Thanks!
  2. Thanks I'll keep those tips in mind. I also enjoyed your wide angle info. I was able to take it out to Fredricksted Pier in St. Croix and was able to get some ok shots. Still need plenty of practice!
  3. Thanks, i did learn that. It also has a red light that I used also.
  4. Thanks I’ll bring it with. I’m shooting a a7R3 and the auto focus is good but I guess it doesn’t hurt to try it out.
  5. Just getting into macro and wondering if a focus light is needed? I have one however wondering if its worth the weight to have underwater.
  6. I have a cmc-1 brand new (I got it before covid and changed systems) however I live in chicago. If you wanted to pay for shipping I'd ship. let me know.
  7. I finally was able to save up and picked up a 90mm macro for my A7R3. Looking for any advice in settings and any tips would be greatly appreciated!
  8. Looking for the N100 Macro Port 105 for Sony 90mm SKU: # na-37126 Also looking for Nauticam SE90-F Focus Gear SKU: # na-37147 PM if have any to sell
  9. These guys followed us the whole dive. If you find yourself in Puerto Rico, go to Desecheo island and dive. Any feedback would be appreciated.
  10. I just upgraded to the A7RIII in nauticam from a Lumix LX10 in nauticam. On the LX10 I had the WWL-1. Reading reviews seems like using the WWL-1 with the Sony 28MM will turn out some great pics so thats what I'm deciding to go with. Thanks for the info and hope to get some more tips and will update how my setup works when we can start traveling again!
  11. Hello from Chicago! Finally joined wetpixel after looking for a bit. I just upgraded to a A7RIII and excited to get some good tips!
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