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  1. thanks aquatic images for the video with interesting accounts - especially the appreciation for conservation and science geek types!
  2. Hi All, I'll be following some of the accounts listed here above, my feed is almost exclusively underwater photography and marine conservation! Although my primary job was to do portraiture for dive tourists, I posted photos of sea life that I took while working. www.instagram.com/gmelikey
  3. Hi, I'm an underwater photographer in Curacao. Unfortunately covid meant I lost my underwater photography job. My current goal is to find a camera set up to continue my photography! I had been shooting with dslr set ups, both canon and nikon, but I am looking for any mirrorless set up (with wide angle, primarily for stills) that fits my budget - hopefully not too tall of an order! I've been perusing for a few weeks now, and would like to start inquiring about cameras available for sale here on wet pixel. -Meg
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