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  1. Do you mind sharing the DR project file? It would be interesting to see how you approached the node structure. On my MacBook Pro, I run into play back issues when using NR which unfortunately seems to be a requirement with BRAW. I was reading that BRAW has no baked in NR where as if recording ProRes, it applies a certain level in camera.
  2. I could always switch to 3:1 compression at 60fps but thats pushing 2.1Gbps and there are only so many SSD's I can buy. I did do a bunch of test clips at 3:1 but no idea where they are. I find 8:1 gives a good balance of flexibility and file size. 12:1 you can see degradation. 5:1 you don't really see much gain. 3:1 I would only use if doing paid work which I don't plan on doing as this is a hobby for me. Out of curiosity what camera's are you talking about when referring to these higher bit rates?
  3. No worries Lionfi2s. Let me know how you go, interested to see what you can do! @Interceptor121 Did you get the 320mbps from size of file divided by the length of footage in Davinci Resolve? The footage was shot at 50fps (set in camera as 'High Frame Rate'), where as the timeline frame rate would have been either 24 or 25fps in camera. When you drop the footage in to Davinci Resolve when recorded in HFR it will automatically interpret the footage at the 'time line' frame rate effectively auto giving you slow motion. I usually set them back to 60 as I find it easier to manipulate the speed. A003_05231544_C031.braw is an 8 second clip and 670MB which makes it nice and easy to check as 4k DCI BRAW in 8:1 50fps is meant to be around 85MB/s (or 680mbps).
  4. Here is a link to a google drive folder that has a few clips for you to play with. Ive included a couple of clear water shots in Komodo from 15 and 20+ meters , a clip from Sydney, which has more 'challenging' visibility and a shot which I used as a test for the 'Recover Highlights' function found in the RAW panel. It's interesting to see how much can be recovered with this. The shots in Komodo were without red filter so you need to really crank the white balance. All were shot in 8:1 with 14-42mm PZ with WWL-1. I only got the Keldan Spectrum after that trip and its amazing the difference it makes when you have access to the second gain circuit of the dual native ISO. The Sydney shot is with the Keldan SF-2 and set of ScubaLamp V4K with ambient filters - if you watch to the end of the braw file you really get an idea of the conditions. Lastly, I included a couple of quick grades on the clips as reference.
  5. If I get chance this weekend, I’ll get some uploaded. Did you have anything specific your after?
  6. Could you clarify what you mean in terms of locked in to a product. I can open my BRAW files in Premier Pro as well as Davinci. I didn’t say IBIS didn’t have its merits. I said I prefer the flexibility of BRAW (even if it’s not got the official raw stamp of approval) as I find it easier to hold a camera still than getting all the other camera settings correct. This is my opinion based on my life experiences. My point was that you do not ‘need’ half the features we have access to. You ‘need’ to find a setup that works for you.
  7. As far as I am aware, there is no specification to state what RAW ‘technically’ is. I also don’t believe it really matters. What’s important is what you can do with the footage you manage to capture. About 6months I upgraded from a GoPro to a BMPCC4K rig and absolutely love it. I’ve never had to worry about learning to get exposure or white balance perfect in camera.. I can just do it in post. Not having to worry about this sort of thing means I can actually film and more importantly, enjoy the dive at the same time. Do you need RAW.. no, but you also don’t need IBIS or zoom lenses, or a scuba tank... Yet it’s still nice to have the flexibility. I find it a lot easier to hold a neutrally buoyant rig stable underwater than I do getting exposure perfect in a world where we can’t plan shots and ask the nice marine wildlife to do something again because weren’t ready the first time. For me RAW (or none RAW... BRAW) is significantly more useful than something like IBIS.
  8. Hey, Long time reader of the Wetpixel forums, finally decided to create an account to get more involved. No commercial work but Just enjoy documenting the dive adventures that my partner and I undertake through video.
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