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  1. Thanks Phil, great to hear real use of this lens. Easydive does offer a 240 (acrylic) dome, which would be the route I'd be going. I've reached out to a user via his website to get some longer term useage feedback... So far this will be the route I'll be going.
  2. That's Chris, I've read most recent posts here. But looking to hear from actual current users with hopes with possible same (or close) use case experience.
  3. Greatings all. Thinking it's time to retire my Olpmus and housing and move on to my Sony A7R-IV that I've been using on for land for bit now. I haven't purchased housing, but VERY intrigued with the easydive house... Futureproof. I do enjoy wide shooting so I would like to be able to also use my Sony 14mm 1.8 GM. So my question is: Is anyone using the easydive (Leo3 WI) with a Sony A7 body and the Sony 14mm 1.8 GM lens? Any distortion? They suggest the 160 dome. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Also post some pics if you have'm.
  4. ... used to have a camera but no more and looking to get back into it
  5. Should of posted that I've been diving for about 8yrs now...
  6. Hello all. Signed up some time ago, but haven't been here in a while. To be honest, trying to get my 3 posts so I can reply to a classified add :) Lost my camera and need to find some thing 'new' to me lol
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