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  1. Have one with an Olympus PEN-PL3 combined with a Zen Domeport. As Wedge already pointed out, you need to cover the markings on the front of the lens. And not sure how much of a difference it makes, but I also use the anti-reflection ring too.This one at bluewater Usage I'd say is fair. It does allow for wider shots, nice with wrecks etc. But it does limit your reach compared to the 14-42. Particularly for fish portaits, I just can't get close enough and miss the zoom range. So for most 'mixed subject' dives, I prefer the 14-42 over the 9-18.
  2. Nice sharp images! I've got two questions: any particular reason you've chosen the wwl-C over the wwl-1/1B? Nauticam lists the latter on their A7C chart. Although the former is of course slightly smaller and cheaper. And second question: are you using the Z330's on manual settings or TTL? I'm curious how well other camera's perform. (my Olympus TTL performance is quite mixed)
  3. Hi Willie_C, I use one model heavier: smart focus 2300. Quite pleased with that one (seems to be an option for a snoot for that one too). I bought mine to get more light on subjects. So might depend on your diving environment/ conditions (and camera low light performance) whether or not 1000 lumens would suffice in your case. In mine (older Oly PEN3 and European colder waters) the 1000 would not suffice. Good luck deciding!
  4. Do I understand it correctly that you are mounting a Nauticam wet lens on a non-Nauticam housing? Quite curious how that works out. Did you already test it with the stock Olympus lens from the Pen-10? Maybe a test at a local dealer can show you if it is even going to work, before investing in a lens.
  5. As Chris already pointed out, you will need a plug to attach over/on the diffuser of the housing. That plug takes the camera end of the optical cable. Picture here gives an idea http://www.divervision.com/olympus-pt-058-housing-inon-d-200-strobe-set-for-olympus-tg-5-tg-6.html (added cut out) That "cap" is not included in a "cable set", you'll need the "Optical D Cable Type L / Cap W Set" And according to the table at the bottom of the Inon page, you'll need the right version that fits to your housing. Hope you have a decent local dealer who understands what you need. Good luck!
  6. Great development to see the overall size decrease. After a few strong & unexpected current during diving in Indonesia, I'm sticking with a small(er) rig. Yet coming from an aging Oly Pen, I'm unsure what would be a proper successor. And preferably for an aging land camera at the same time (Nikon D80) Phil, on your second photo from the top (topside view) it appear the A7C has only a very small "grip depth" when used on land. How is your experience in that regard? Can you wrap a hand around it properly? In addition to the cost aspect, I'm eyeballing the Nikon Z50 for that reason. (with option to add a WWL) From what I read on the Nauticam website, this Sony A7C housing is just slightly small than the the Nikon Z50, correct?
  7. Nikon has updated their lens roadmap; Article at DPReview Good news/ Bad news as far as I can tell. More lenses, but the macro option just went from 60mm to 50mm. So that likely means no-go on using it with a Nauticam WML,,, And no native fisheyes either.
  8. Is it too soon to ask if anyone has taken the Z5 and/ or Z50 into consideration (as a D500 replacement/ alternative) yet? Price of a Z5 rig might be a bit friendlier than the Z6. (Nauticam hasn't build one yet, so may be a premature statement) And the Z50 might have a size advantage; DX sensor, so might be a nice combo with the Tokina 10-17. And thus smaller dome ports as well. And as it is a bit younger, the Z50 would (should) be a nice technology upgrade from the D500.
  9. Think it will be slightly smaller than any Nauticam; these are aluminum whereas the AOI is composite. So the Nauticam will needs slightly bigger volume to get neutral bouyancy again. And the Nauticam housing for the OM-D E-M1 has fixed arms and tray. So that one is definitely larger. Think pricing (and availability) will be the biggest driver for AOI sales. If the Pen 10 has 75% performance of the OM-D M10 for half the price (or less) it becomes a compelling option for the more occasional UW photographers. More or less picking up the sales Olympus left behind when they quit their PEN housing series. Many divers out there with aging sets (got a PEN 3 myself; have gear fever too!)
  10. Hi Nachbs, no option to send it to a specialist (instead of Olympus themselves)? They might have better tools and materials. And some shops (like the one in The Netherlands) can do their own pressure tests. Might be worthwhile to know exactly what went wrong with the dome in order to assess if it is even worth trying to salvage the housing itself. Bit off topic; I have the feeling Olympus' own series of housings are soon a thing of the past. They stopped making them for the PEN series and as far as I can tell, the latest M5 (mark 3) nor the M10 are getting a Olympus house. Pity, I'm still enjoying mine. At a fraction of the cost of the others brands.
  11. Thanks for the responses! From the looks of it, there might just be enough room before the front element would hit the glass. But it would be too close for comfort. Zen does offer an extension ring to accomodate macro lenses with their domes; that might be an idea; though that would limit the lens even more on the wide end; reducing the advantage over the 14-42 kit lens. So probably it's a dead end idea. Let's invest in more strobe power before looking into better lenses Still it would be interesting to see a review; maybe it would fit the Nauticam 4inch port. I'm currently using an Olympus own housing but for the next "step upwards" I'm looking at Nauticam OM-D setup.
  12. I might be looking in the wrong places, but I haven't been able to locate reviews about the fairly new Olympus 12-45 F4. Reviews for underwater use that is. If the lens has been reviewed, can you point in the right direction? I'm curious to know how much you would lose (in practical terms) at the wide end, compared to the existing 9-18mm lens. And as the lens appear quite a bit bigger (longer) than the 14-42 kit lens, whether port extension are needed (likely) & available (unknown). I'm using a Olympus PEN housing with the Zen WA-100-EP port. Zen does sell an extension ring, but that's specific for the 60mm macro lens. If the loss of wide angle is acceptable, this one might be a good replacement for both the 9-18 and kit lens in one handy package! And so I'm a bit surprised that this lens isn't getting more attention. Thanks for your insights!
  13. It's been quite a while, but did you manage to find a cause & solution? As Matt mentioned: has anybody yet tried the MWL on other brand housings? Ikelite possibly? The cost difference between Nauticam & Ikelite is big enough to pay for the MWL with room to spare...
  14. It is great to see so much can be packed in a cabin-allowed bag. Although my rig is much smaller than those discussed here (Olympus PEN3 kit) I do tend to take additional stuff with me and I'm hitting the limits of my current backpack. With, for instance such an Airport Accelerator bag, do you still have room for non-photography items that make a long flight pleasureable? A tablet, a book and noise canceling headphones? Especially charter flights don't tend to allow a "personal item" in addition to a carry on bag. So quite interested if investing in a big(ger) bag would solve such issues.
  15. Maybe you've already seen it, but I found this article from Backscatter quite insightful: https://www.backscatter.com/reviews/post/Best-Buoyancy-Solutions-For-Underwater-Cameras Especially the fairly simple trick of weighing your rig in a water tank.
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