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  1. Thanks for the responses! From the looks of it, there might just be enough room before the front element would hit the glass. But it would be too close for comfort. Zen does offer an extension ring to accomodate macro lenses with their domes; that might be an idea; though that would limit the lens even more on the wide end; reducing the advantage over the 14-42 kit lens. So probably it's a dead end idea. Let's invest in more strobe power before looking into better lenses Still it would be interesting to see a review; maybe it would fit the Nauticam 4inch port. I'm currently using an Olympus own housing but for the next "step upwards" I'm looking at Nauticam OM-D setup.
  2. I might be looking in the wrong places, but I haven't been able to locate reviews about the fairly new Olympus 12-45 F4. Reviews for underwater use that is. If the lens has been reviewed, can you point in the right direction? I'm curious to know how much you would lose (in practical terms) at the wide end, compared to the existing 9-18mm lens. And as the lens appear quite a bit bigger (longer) than the 14-42 kit lens, whether port extension are needed (likely) & available (unknown). I'm using a Olympus PEN housing with the Zen WA-100-EP port. Zen does sell an extension ring, but that's specific for the 60mm macro lens. If the loss of wide angle is acceptable, this one might be a good replacement for both the 9-18 and kit lens in one handy package! And so I'm a bit surprised that this lens isn't getting more attention. Thanks for your insights!
  3. It's been quite a while, but did you manage to find a cause & solution? As Matt mentioned: has anybody yet tried the MWL on other brand housings? Ikelite possibly? The cost difference between Nauticam & Ikelite is big enough to pay for the MWL with room to spare...
  4. It is great to see so much can be packed in a cabin-allowed bag. Although my rig is much smaller than those discussed here (Olympus PEN3 kit) I do tend to take additional stuff with me and I'm hitting the limits of my current backpack. With, for instance such an Airport Accelerator bag, do you still have room for non-photography items that make a long flight pleasureable? A tablet, a book and noise canceling headphones? Especially charter flights don't tend to allow a "personal item" in addition to a carry on bag. So quite interested if investing in a big(ger) bag would solve such issues.
  5. Maybe you've already seen it, but I found this article from Backscatter quite insightful: https://www.backscatter.com/reviews/post/Best-Buoyancy-Solutions-For-Underwater-Cameras Especially the fairly simple trick of weighing your rig in a water tank.
  6. Hi all! Greetings from The Netherlands. I've been diving (and taking pictures) for several years now. Camera usually stays home when diving domestically; visibility is often too poor for pictures. Looking for more info/tips & tricks, especially on strobes as I feel a bigger strobe (currently use a single S2000 with my Oly pen-3) could be the next significant upgrade.
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