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  1. Hello all I use a Canon EOS 6D Mk ii on the surface and love it. I want to start using this gear underwater now also so am looking for a housing to suit. Ikelite make a nice unit that I can then buy the ports for, but there are other options also. Does anyone have one for sale or know where to find one I can buy? Thank you Al
  2. I should mention that I actually started with a GoPro 2 in a housing. The only housing available to me had a dome lens, so the images were all distorted - I tried many times to get a proper dive housing, but by then you could not buy anything for that model. I will likely buy a newer model for my wife one day soon as we dive together.
  3. I currently use an Olympus TG5 in a housing. Good camera and easy to travel with - but looking to move to my Canon DSLR very soon.
  4. Hi there. Another Australian, however living in Singapore. I was referred to this group by a friend and am looking forward to learning and sharing. I started diving a little over 2 years ago. I've been an avid hobbyist landscape and travel photographer, and love the marine world - so it's only logical for me - bring the two together. Looking forward to meeting you
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