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  1. Turtle is a good trigger but they need to improve the on/off switch in the next version
  2. I had a Hydros pro for a while and found it rather lacking, using a single plus pony it was not capable of stopping me from tipping over to the side without perfect counter weight and always felt like just a big air bubble that would move around the bladder at any opportunity. Being on my side it was very unhappy with this configuration and just never felt that it was in stable trim. Probably just fine with a single tank but if you dive asymmetrical I would say beware of this model. I don’t find this issue at all with my Atomic BC2 which I love.
  3. According to backscatter, the optical sensor is a lot more sensitive on the MF2 which enables the slave mode and overcomes the issue of cheaper cables failing to fire the MF1. I think the main other benefit over the MF1 is HSS support but for me there’s not enough reason to upgrade my MF1s.
  4. Been a member for ages but never got around to posting. Based in Bournemouth UK, been shooting underwater images since 1997
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