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  1. Many thanks everyone for your very helpful comments and advice, much appreciated. I will get experimenting.
  2. Hi Andy Many thanks for the advice, I will give it a go next weekend. Best regards Chris
  3. Hi Andy, a very helpful tutorial - many thanks. A quick question, you mention that the Olympus TG-6 needs a red filter (which I have), should I do the custom white balance with the filter on the housing or should I remove the filter to do the white balance and then put the filter back on? It's been incredibly difficult to find the answer to this question anywhere online. Thanks Chris Greaves
  4. Hello everyone I'm hoping to benefit from all the expertise out there. I'm relatively new to underwater photography and unfortunately never learned the basics of photography before getting into diving. So I'm learning as I go along. I've recently upgraded to the Olympus TG-6 and the housing, and also bought a red and magenta filter along with the Weefine Smart Focus 6000 video light, which also as a strobe mode, along with a Weefine blue filter for the video light. My interest in this kit was generated by this video promoting the more expensive Keldan video lights: Some of my questions are not answered by the video however. So here goes. 1. What is the maximum depth you think it is worthwhile using a red or magenta filter on the Olympus housing? 20m? 30m? (I dive a lot in Fujairah in the UAE and the water is more often green than blue) 2. If I'm using red or magenta filter for still or video shots, should a manual or custom white balance be done with the filter on the housing or not? I've seen a very heated debate elsewhere on this board with a big disagreement on this topic. 3. If the filter should be used when doing the manual white balance, what about the video light? Should that be illuminating the white slate or should it just be ambient light, along with the filter? Many thanks in advance! Chris
  5. Hello everyone Another new member of Wetpixel! I'm Chris, I live in Dubai and do my weekend diving in Fujairah and Musandam. I've joined the board to ask some questions about custom white balance with the use of red/magenta filters along with video lights and video light filters. I will have a look for a relevant thread and post the questions there. It's good to join you! Chris
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