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I am a rock climber, a skier, and a diver (both scuba and free). I finished up grad school in 2017 and I’ve been living in my car and climbing all around North America ever since. I am currently looking to settle down/get a job as the funds are starting to dry up, please let me know if you have any leads....

I’ve been diving since 2015. The best diving I’ve done has been in the Cayman Islands but my favorite place to dive is Bonaire.

I don’t have much experience shooting UW (I’ve pretty much just used an old “Faux”-Pro) but I shoot a Fujifilm X-T1 on land. Hoping to find a good housing for it though I know there’s not a lot of Fujilove in the UW community.

I currently own a Sony NEX-5N with Nauticam housing (with 4.33” fisheye dome port + 18-55 kit lens port) but I have yet to take it underwater (thanks, corona).

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