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  1. What do people recommend for the simplest setup for a vacation diver (5-10 days of diving/year) who wants to take some video/photos? Video performance is favored over photos. Ideally, something that you can hand someone and say, "Here, take some videos while you're under!"
  2. Going to Bimini in January to see the Great Hammerheads. What's a good beginner setup to take video/photo. I currently have access to: - RX100Va, Sony Underwater housing, and Fantasea UWL-400Q wide angle lens. - GoPro Hero 9 with dive housing. - iPhone 12 Pro Max. Would need to buy dive housing (SportDiver Sea Life?) I believe the depth is only 20 ft so not sure if I need any additional lighting. Do I need filters at this depth? I'm a total beginner so simplicity is best, but would like to get some great video more so than photos. THANKS!
  3. Hi! Long time lurker, first time poster. Been diving 3-4 times per year to tropical destinations. Bought housing and a wide angle lens for my RX100Va and plan to start taking wet pixels First trip to see the Great Hammerheads on Bimini in January!
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