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  1. Ive put a zoom gear on my olympus EZ 14-42 so it works in my housing, however it is so tight i cannot remove it. It does still work with it attached for topside, but looks and feels a little chunky. Am i missing something obvious? I dont want to lever it with a knife if theres an easier way, or it there a lubricant i should apply to help it move - if i ever get it off. Thanks
  2. Thanks - that's what I concluded, which is a pity as I can reach the lever whilst still holding the handle, but need to let go of the shutter trigger to reach the Fn1 button on the housing - I'll have to stretch my hands a bit! thanks for going to all the effort of looking in the manuals for me!
  3. Hi I'm trying to set up my EM10 Mkiii for use in my nauticam housing. This is all brand new to me so I expect I am missing something obvious! I'm wanting to set up back button focus, and reading around suggests I should do it to the rec button but cannot work out how to do that. I think that is the one operated by the lever on the housing. I found an article on uwphotographyguide saying how to do it - to go into the custom menu and then buttons and choose Rec, to change - However I only have options to change the function of Fn1 and Fn2 there and not Rec. Ive read the manual from start to finish and cant find any reference to it. Any advice? Suggestions?? thanks in advance
  4. Hello! Ive just made the jump from a canon compact s100, which ive used in manual settings to a Olympus EM10iii and have it in a nauticam housing I'm grappling with setting it up for use in the housing and getting my head around the idea of interchangeable lenses!
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