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  1. Diving in Lake Mead is not my idea of great diving when it's 110 air temp and 60 water temp, okay for checking gear as long as you don't drop anything into the mud. There are some areas but vis is usually not too good especially with algae bloom.
  2. Are these items still available
  3. Getting tired of diving in the pool, are restrictions slowly lifting in places like Mexico or other recommended destinations?
  4. Just bought the backscatter macro strobe, just hoping to get a chance to play with it.
  5. Once again hello to all. I have been on/off u/w photography for a number of years but due to some personal issues haven't been able to go on many trips in last few years. Shooting Canon 7d, 5dMK4 which I am looking for a housing for.
  6. Dandyrandy saying hi to all the wet pixels out there.
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