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  1. 2 hours ago, blibecap said:

    If you have knob interference you can remove the knobs and shave the top surface dowin with a file, sandpaper or whatever. they are made from a solid color infused plastic of some sort. As long as the viewfinder doesn't interfere with the control shafts you can make it work. Replacement knobs are also available from ikelite. 

    Or I print a new button on my 3D printer.

  2. 1 hour ago, Chris Kippax said:

    I used a butter knife on its backside to remove the original Ikelite viewfinder. Be careful it is tight.

    Don't forget to order the Nauticam adaptor aswell!


    The other thing I did was replace the original tray with an ULCS tray with quick release handles. That improved the housing ergonomics %100

    Happy shooting 

    Unidentia Sp 



    Very nice nudi!

    Used a snoot?

  3. 22 minutes ago, Chris Kippax said:

    Hi Mate


    I have a different housing, mine is the older style 6871.03 updated to house a Canon 5dmkiv. It is tight but fits and works fine. If Ikelite can confirm your rear door is similar in dimensions to my housing I would say you are good to go.


    Hi Chris,

    After seen your housing i am confident that it will fit on my housing too. Those two turn selectors (knobs) left and right of the original viewfinder in the picture of your housing are way bigger then my delete button. The delete button is just the same as your silver push buttons.  If the nauticam viewfinder can rotate around onyour housing it will definitely will on mine.

    Thanks Chris, for lighten it up.  I am gonna order the Nauticam VF on monday.


  4. On 7/9/2020 at 2:20 AM, Chris Kippax said:

    I use a Nauticam 45 on an ikelite housing, cost $500 used and around $100 for the adaptor. Works perfectly


    can you measure the distance between the housing and the viewfinder.
    My dealer can't say for sure if it is gonna fit on my housing.

    The delete button is really close to my viewfinder.  The height of the button is approx. 6mm.

    Perhaps you can show it in a picture too?




  5. 55 minutes ago, TimG said:

    I could not agree more with Chris and Adri. A very wise investment! That and a 45-degree VF are the best purchases I have made.

    I have bought the vacuum test from Nauticam and 3D printed some special brackets to make it fit in my Ikelite housing.

    As long a the LED is green there are no issues with the sealing of the house. I prepare my setup the night before the dive. Vacuum down the housing. I never have lost vacuum since i have this system. I agree a vacuum system give you great comfort. Perhaps i just have to go for the Nauticam 45 degree VF.

    ikelite with vacuumsystem.jpg

  6. 7 minutes ago, Chris Kippax said:

    Do yourself a favour and buy a vacuum valve kit. It will be the best investment you can make 

    Chris, that is so true!

    After the flood of my old house and Nikon D90 I went for a Nikon D7200.
    The new Ikelite housing have a vacuum valve, so i have that already.
    No stress anymore when entering the water and checking if the housing is still sealed.

  7. 4 hours ago, Chris Kippax said:

    The Nauticam is an excellent design and it would take a phenomenal effort to pull it from the housing. I dive in a river quite often and it is extremely mucky, when removing the viewfinder to check the o-rings they are always spotless. From memory the Ikelite is a Inon.

    The below from https://www.uwcamerastore.com     may suit your needs.

    Thank you, Chris.

    My first camera is been flushed cause of one screw on the bottom of a Ikelte housing was unscrewed during a flight home. I hope I would never experience that again, that why i hasitate about the Nauticam VF.  The problem is that none of the stores here in The Netherlands has those VF in store. Therefore it is not possible to make a live compare and test them on my housing

    I already had contact with Onderwaterhuis.nl which is the same company as Uwcamerastore. They are not shure that this version will fit on my housing.

  8. 1 hour ago, blibecap said:

    You should really look at the Nauticam viewfinder. 

    You will be much happier with the Nauticam Item. The field of view and the size of the image is great. You can read more information here https://wetpixel.com/articles/thoughts-on-viewfinders-and-mini-review-nauticam-45-degree Have a great day Bill


    HI Bill,

    I did not know there that the Nauticam could be fitted on a Ikelite housing as well.
    But the price of the Nauticam are a bit steep for me

  9. Hello everybody,

    are there users amongst u that uses a Inon 45 degree viewfinder on a Ikelite DSLR housing.

    I'm thinking to purchase a 45 degree viewfinder but still hasitate of which brand to buy.

    The original Ikelite VW version is about € 200 higher then the Inon version.

    Please, share your experiences with me if you can.

    Thank you,


  10. My name is Adri or Aad like most people call me. I live in The Netherlands and started diving in 2006.
    In 2010 i started to take pictures with a DSLR set.

    I have been to Malasia, Borneo, Bonaire, Egypth, Indonesia.

    Bonaire feels like it is my second home.

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