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  1. I have lowered the price to $2,495. The housing is in perfect working condition, was well maintained, and had limited use. It's an amazing system!
  2. Aloha Everyone, It's time to let go of my Nauticam Housing (SKU: NA-17321) outfitted with vacuum system, pump, and gauge for Canon 1DX MKII. I am selling it for more than 50% off of the current retail price. If you are interested, the listing can be viewed at the link provided below. Nauticam underwater housing retails for $5,861 new and the 'Vacuum System with Pump and Gauge' retails for $324 new, a combined cost of $6,185 new. I am selling it for $2,750, used, a savings of $3,435, more than 50% off of retail. ******************************************* https://www.ebay.com/itm/164574807038 $2,750 Nauticam Housing with Vacuum System, Pump, and Gauge. ******************************************* I am happy to answer any questions you may have.
  3. I just noticed this thread and want to share a technique I learned from a friend to achieve a desired buoyancy with precision. He uses weights that are designed to balance tires and it works like a dream. I start off with the Nauticam weights that are screwed into the bottom then fine tune from there with balancing weights.
  4. Great information and feedback. I have been using the Nauticam housing for my camera for three years without incident, without dunk tests and I love it. I have relied on the vacuum system and have yet to have any performance issues. I love the vacuum systems, it has proven to be highly reliable in experience.
  5. Aloha everyone! I live in Honolulu, Hawaii and enjoy underwater photography while freediving using natural light. I have had quite a few breath taking moments already. I can't get enough of the underwater world and the big blue.
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