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  1. Thank You so much. I'm checking out your videos!
  2. Thank You. You mean the Pana 14-42 MKII or Oly IIR?
  3. I'm planning to buy a gx9 in a Nauticam housing. I would like to keep my setup simple and versatile. Which 14-42 lens do you recommend for WWL-1? Thanks for Your advise.
  4. Hello! This is my first post. I'm happy to be here with so many divers with the same interest. I started diving around 10 years ago, but even as a child I liked to be in the pools bottom, open naked eyed looking for items to find. I started taking pictures with a RX100+ ikelite. Than I bought a ys-d1 strobe for the colors. Then later I attached a wet wide lens. i usually dive in Egypt and Croatia. My next trip would be in october ( Red sea), but I'm afraid the epidemic will cross my plans. I live in Hungary, so english is not my native language.
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