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  1. Anyone have an ID? 99% of the octopus I see out here are significantly larger Day Octopus. DSC01102 by Chad Nuttall, on Flickr
  2. Can you expand on that please? Would the corner sharpness be better wider? How does the larger dome help that?
  3. I'm using the Nauticam glass 180mm port. 80 to 120 adapter, 10mm extender and the dome.
  4. All of this is at Wake Atoll, pretty remote like you are saying. I just got a Nanuk 955 case (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B088MNJX2P/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o09_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1) and it fits EVERYTHING, camera, housing, macro port, 8" dome port in its protective case, all accessories. I check it and it has made it to and from the Island without issue.
  5. I have been using the 10-18 with a 6600. I was so close to buying the Tokina, but heard it has issues with focusing especially in low light. I can say that the 10-18 has ZERO issues focusing SUPER FAST. Here are some example shots with the 10-18. First month I was using it, I didn't have the zoom ring. That's why most of the shots are all at 14mm. Convict Tangs by Chad Nuttall, on Flickr Octopus 6 by Chad Nuttall, on Flickr Turtle 4 by Chad Nuttall, on Flickr
  6. Don't forget Seal Lions. These guys are so much fun to dive with. This guy was very jealous that I had a macro setup and wasn't paying attention to him. Sea Lion by Chad Nuttall, on Flickr
  7. I enjoyed watching. Makes me wish the Maldives were not so far away.
  8. Agreed on the shark. I screwed up when he came around and hit the wrong button so I was stuck in playback mode and it wouldn't let me snap anymore shots! Was frustrating, but that spot seems consistent to getting big grey's to come say hi. Agreed on the turtle. I also agree with the reef shot. I am definitely pleased with the shots. Always trying to improve however, do you know any good resources you would recommend to help explain some camera features? Before shooting underwater, I have never owned a camera before.
  9. Tim, I put emphasis on your advise. What do you think? Turtle 4 by Chad Nuttall, on Flickr Coral 3 by Chad Nuttall, on Flickr Grey Reef Shark 3 by Chad Nuttall, on Flickr
  10. I've got two more to add to the list. Eel in Anchor by Chad Nuttall, on Flickr Eel under coral by Chad Nuttall, on Flickr
  11. Appreciate the info. I have read a lot about the, "Shoot up" and will continue to work on it. I am getting my new camera rig (A6600), so I will finally have full manual settings. With the TG-6, I was having a hard time getting good exposure looking up. Any tips? Good info, will keep that in mind. We get usually at least one or two sharks coming by to check us out every dive. Sometimes, we have a couple that will hang out the whole dive, but at a distance. Usually, when I'm focused on something small, I turn my head and BAM, shark 2 feet from my face, gone long before I get the camera up. One of these dives... Again, good info. I really appreciate it. Good info. I actually have that same shot without a diver as well. I tend to like the one without the diver better. Thank you again!
  12. Very true. Thank you for the input. Will work on that.
  13. Yes, I was using a wide angle for the shots. Took several of the scorp at different angles of zoom, just wasn't happy with the clarity of the wide shots. Appreciate the criticism!
  14. Scorpionfish Close by Chad Nuttall, on Flickr Grey Reef Shark 2 by Chad Nuttall, on Flickr Octopus 3 by Chad Nuttall, on Flickr Turtle by Chad Nuttall, on Flickr Full disclosure, I have been using Lightroom for about 3 weeks, these shots are all with a TG-6, I am getting a Sony A6600 setup next weekend. Tips, tricks, what you liked, what you didn't like. I need constructive criticism please.
  15. Just purchased a full rig (my wallet said, "OUCH!"). I had a TG-6 with the Olympus housing, a gopro tray, two 5 inch arms with Backscatter Mini Strobes and the Backscatter Wet Wide Angle. Got a lot of really good shots with it, but wanted more control. Went with Sony A6600 and Nauticam housing, two S&S YS-D2J Strobe. I already had a video light with a cold shoe attachment for focusing / night dives. For a first lens I went with the Sony 10-18mm Wide Angle with an 8" Dome. You will have to excuse me if I am butchering any lingo (please correct me if I am). I am looking forward to learning. Just hit 100 dives recently and currently diving 6-8 times per week. We have amazing critters here where I am working. Tons of Giant Morays, Grey Reef Sharks, Green Sea Turtles, and very friendly Octopus. Add Napoleon Wrasse and Giant Bumphead Parrotfish, should get some good shots.
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