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  1. I just had my Zen mini dome arrive and was a bit taken by surprise when it only came with a neoprene cover for the outer glass and no port cover at the back. So wondering what people do in regards to storage/travel. I would love a little hard travel case (I heard Adam mention something about people getting into using plumbing fittings at one point?) or a back port hole screw-on fixture ( from the new Sea&sea minidomes). I had a quick look at 'lens hoodies' which might be better for storage/travel also, essentially a neoprene lens cap with a hard plastic insert that the port could slot into. For now, I keep my flat port on the housing normally during storage/ travel but might want to keep the dome port constantly on now and get something a tad better than neoprene over the glass for travel in my camera bag. So if anyone has any tips, I'm all ears.
  2. Hi Adam, Love the video. Do you have a link to the charter or the contents so we can help promote it? Cheers
  3. Thanks for that write up! That ability to get away with a small dome for versatility of shooting style with a fisheye as well as ease of travel is exactly what I'm after. Appreciate the help.
  4. At the moment I'm only using Insta and my own website. What would you suggest as alternatives?
  5. Hey everyone, Sorry if this has been asked to death. So I have a 100 mm mini dome earmarked for my next purchase to pair with my new tokina 10-17 ( on a sony a6500 and a sigma mc-11 converter) and I thought I would just ask about people's experiences etc. I know they are super popular (they seem to be filling up the classifieds at times) and I am pretty excited to get some CFWA under my belt. So just any tips and tricks, shortcomings etc they may help me to learn how to get some good technique going early etc. I cant find many solid reviews with photos showing a direct comparison of the 100 mm ports image clarity, especially in the corners against some of the larger ports. Some of the earlier reviews have the photos dropped out for instance. I guess just want to see if I will miss out on much, apart from split shots being quite difficult. Cheers in advance.
  6. Hey everyone, I decided to stop lurking and start posting so I could start asking questions and learning from everyone here. I'm a marine ecologist working in the tropics in conservation or over in the North sea region undertaking marine mapping and monitoring. I've been teaching myself how to take photos over the last 5 or so years. Currently I have a A6500 and still learning. https://www.leehankinson.com/portfolio
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