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  1. I checked the sync cable with a multimeter and continuity is good on all five pins for the primary (powered) strobe connection. Power and ready are not continuous on the secondary cable, as expected. I also tested the spare single sync cable and it has good continuity. Seems like a faulty TTL circuit. Thanks again for all your help, very much appreciated!
  2. Thank you @ChrisRoss and @Pavel Kolpakov for your detailed responses, very much appreciated. The serial number compatibility issues appear to be only earlier DS50 and DS125 models, I can't find any reference to unsupported DS160 serial #'s. I'll run continuity checks on the dual sync cable per the instructions, and see if that gets me anywhere. I did try previously with a spare single sync cable, but it's certainly possible that both cables have continuity issues as they're both second hand. Assuming I confirm continuity for the sync cord, then I'll decide whether to send it the housing to Ikelite for repair. Thanks again!
  3. Thanks so much for your reply Pavel. I'm not sure what you mean by the "strobe symbol on the service screen". Do you mean the "flash mode" indicator in the control panel? It does not appear. Also the "flash ready" indicator in the viewfinder blinks, indicating the flash is not ready.
  4. Hi all, I recently bought a used Ikelite 6801.71 housing for my D7100, in excellent condition, and paired it with used Ikelite DS160 strobes, also in excellent condition. I cannot get the strobes and camera to communicate correctly via the housing TTL circuitry. I've been in touch with Ikelite support for some troubleshooting steps, here are things I've already tried: The strobe selection switch on the underside of camera tray is correctly set to DS160/161/125 The hot-shoe connector is fully inserted into the camera The camera is in manual mode with the the flash control mode set to iTTL Tried a camera to strobe communication test: camera set to 1/1250 shutter speed, turn on strobes, engage focus lock but the camera does not drop to the flash sync speed (1/250) Opened the camera tray TTL circuitry compartment for inspection, there's no obvious damage or loose wiring Ikelite's recommendation at this point is sending the housing in for inspection and repair. The strobes fire reliably when attached with a dual Ikelite sync cable, so I can shoot them in manual mode and I'm comfortable with that having shot my Inon D2000's in manual for the past several years. However, I can't lie, the idea of reliable TTL strobe exposure is pretty appealing. Any suggestions on further troubleshooting much appreciated, before I decide whether to absorb repair costs. Thanks, Tim -- Nikon D7100. Ikelite Housing. Ikelite DS160 x 2 -- https://www.flickr.com/photos/hawaiidiveadventures/ https://www.instagram.com/timcdoherty/
  5. Hi all, I finally got my D7100 underwater after finding an ikelite housing at a steal. On this morning's dive, I couldn't figure out why I was having so much trouble focusing the 105mm lens near its 1ft minimum, and had to pull back to its 0.5m switch setting to focus. When I removed the camera from the housing, I found that sure enough, the lens focusing length switch had been tripped as the lens entered the housing port - it's a tight fit into the ikelite modular port body. Aside from taping the switches in place, any creative suggestions for keeping them all forward as the lens enters the port? Thanks in advance!
  6. Greetings all, I'm Tim, I live in Southern California, USA and have been shooting underwater for about 15 years. Just made the lead from micro 4/3 mirrorless to DSLR. I dive mostly here in SoCal, where the water's cold and often green, but there's lots of life, especially great macro subjects.
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