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  1. Really like the schooling fish. Nice capture.
  2. Very interesting the video link posted by Kraken adds to the mystic of this unusual fish.
  3. Wow beautiful shots. Very clear, colorful with nice lighting. Well done!
  4. Abundant sea life both big and small, well done. Are the resorts open for diving now?
  5. Interesting and informative life of the Bumphead Parrot fish. Definitely a documentary style of short film. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Thank you so much for the detailed feedback, I really appreciate it.
  7. I agree that buoyancy for a GoPro with video light(s) on a tray probably not that vital. I think a good way to attach your rig so that you don't drop/lose is it more important. Definitely have heard my share of people losing their GoPros myself included. Lost a GoPro 7 doing a giant stride during a night dive. Got to the bottom and wanted to start filming something and realized I did not have the housing screw on tight enough it was gone ....oh my.
  8. I do believe the image stabilization on the GoPro8 has been improved and so has the automatic white balance. Is it enough to warrant buying a new camera - probably not. And yes you will need a new housing but the price is pretty reasonable about $50. Here is an example of the GoPro 8 that I shot here in San Diego California.
  9. I would highly recommend a GoPro 8 with a tray and one or two video lights. I use two Light & Motion lights affordable and effective. Keeping it simple and affortable. You will still need to learn video editing YouTube has lots of tutorials depending on what program you choose. Here is a video I put together using mostly the GoPro7 but some GoPro8 as well. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WTDQ6XtWeiE Hope this helps
  10. Another cool dive destination, I just watched your Maldives video. Again nice work and you do a great job getting lots of cool critters. A pleasure to watch.
  11. Well you definitely captured quite a few marine creatures. Well done, I enjoyed watching - looks like an incredible place to dive!
  12. Beautiful work Tim! My wife and I were in the Red Sea this past November. Amazing diving off the Aggressor II and all the cool shipwrecks ... oh my!!! Nice shots.
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