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  1. Hey phxazcraig, Good eye on noticing the snafu on the spelling. You're gonna have a great time. Glad I was able to give you a recent preview of your upcoming trip.
  2. Thanks Dann-Oh. Yeah it was an interesting dive adventure for sure. The wrecks are now 74 years old and it helps to have a good guide. I choose somber music for the video since many lives were lost over that three day period.
  3. Wow - inspiring work. Well done for sure. I need to get up to B.C. a place I have always wanted to dive. What month would you suggest?
  4. Nicely captured! I did the same La Paz whale shark snorkel but did not have the same clear water that it appears you did.
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zzSk_gFwclY Comments or advise/suggestions always welcome. Here to learn. Thanks for watching ....
  6. Hey Dann-Oh thanks so much for taking the time to watch and comment. I like your feedback. I've been thinking of incorporating a tripod but need to learn the ins and outs of that. Any tips from Wetpixel fans are welcome here. Again thanks for your suggestions.
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6rCcbogJtLc&t=28s Comments or suggestions always welcome.
  8. I was wondering the same my understanding is that the Galapagos are known for large and pregnant females that pass through. I didn't see any pups but she was swimming with several other whale sharks. A magical experience for sure. Thanks for commenting. Peter
  9. Thanks for watching and as always any comments or feedback is appreciated. Shot with a GoPro 10 and two Sola 2500 video lights on a tray. Manta_Night_Dive.mov
  10. Wow - now I really need to get to British Columbia !!! Thanks for sharing, pretty awesome,
  11. My most recent trip to Palau. Used a GoPro 10 on a tray with two Sola 2500 lights. Thanks for watching - comments or feedback always welcome.
  12. I used a GoPro 10 on a tray with two Sola 2500 lights. It's such a simple system that I can pack real small for when I travel. Catalina is a great place to dive one of my favorites is Farnsworth Bank and the Black Sea Bass in Avalon ... oh my! Thanks for checking out my video! Peter
  13. Bravo nicely done! Especially liked the macro shots. This spot has been on my bucket list.
  14. Thanks Brett! Enjoyed reading through your website, very impressive. Peter
  15. The wreck sits in 125 feet of water along the Mexican / U.S. border. She was a Wickes-Class destroyer in the US Navy during World War II. Received six battle stars for service sinking 4 submarines and bringing down 2 planes. She was sunk as target practice on November 8, 1945,
  16. Thank you phil84. I truly appreciate your comment.
  17. Enjoyed watching your video. I became a certified diver while stationed in Okinawa back in 1983. I wish I remembered the name of the dive spot we did our check out dives. It was small cove that was shaped like a swimming pool that led out into open water. Does this spot sound familiar? I was stationed at Camp Hansen perhaps that helps since it was not far from the base. Scuba diving has been a lifelong passion ever since and I have thought it would be cool to go back and dive Okinawa. Thanks Peter
  18. Thanks so much for watching! Easy diving with the warm clear water. Sharks on every dive.
  19. Nice work Stephen! I like the combination of top side and underwater footage. You have inspired me. Regards, Peter
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