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  1. Enjoyed watching your video.  I became a certified diver while stationed in Okinawa back in 1983.  I wish I remembered the name of the dive spot we did our check out dives.   It was small cove that was shaped like a swimming pool that led out into open water. 

    Does this spot sound familiar?  I was stationed at Camp Hansen perhaps that helps since it was not far from the base.

    Scuba diving has been a lifelong passion ever since and I have thought it would be cool to go back and dive Okinawa.



  2. Thanks so much for taking the time to watch and comment on my Tahoe video, I truly appreciate it.  

    Yes it was an interesting dive Dale and I would recommend it - altitude and fresh water diving is something i had not done before.  Not much marine life but the underwater topography ... oh my very interesting. 

    NWDiver thank you as well and interesting side note on the Emerald Bay wrecks!  

  3. I agree that buoyancy for a GoPro with video light(s) on a tray probably not that vital.  I think a good way to attach your rig so that you don't drop/lose is it more important.  Definitely have heard my share of people losing their GoPros myself included.  Lost a GoPro 7 doing a giant stride during a night dive.  Got to the bottom and wanted to start filming something and realized I did not have the housing screw on tight enough it was gone ....oh my.  

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