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  1. Hi Tim, Thanks so much for your reply. Wish you all good in your moving. Yes, I just decided to buy a Sigma 15mm which is more newer than Tokina 10-17. I'm with a D750 now and in the process of purchasing a Nauticam housing system from China. I just read an article online yesterday saying that Tokina 10-17 works very well on a full frame DSLR with a more like wide angle effect than fisheye on DX camera. I attached the link here https://www.uwphotographyguide.com/sigma-15mm-tokina-fisheye-review for you, may be you have some interest in it. By the way, on your experience, do you think it's better to change for a new D850 instead of using the current D750 which seems to be much more harder for sell when I want to upgrade my devices in the future. Thank you.
  2. Wow, I'm a beginner for UW photography with the same camera and lens. Have you used Tokina 10-17mm? I'm considering whether to buy a Tokina 10-17mm or Sigma 15mm. Your photos are fantastic.
  3. Hi all, I'm Spencer living in Melbourne AU. I'm a fresh scuba diver with advanced open water certificate and just started to use UW camera for photography, while I already have several years experience of photography by using DSLR camera on land. I'm now with a Olympus tg6 camera with the same brand housing and a X-adventurer M6000 video light and some related accessories. I searched on the internet and found this forum with professional information about UW photography device evaluations and using experiences. Recently I need to change for a DSLR housing which can fit my Nikon D750 and some lens. I would be happy to share my experience here and look for you guys recommendations as well. Cheers Spencer
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