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  1. Thanks for all the very helpful suggestions - lots of follow up needed. Meanwhile, I've had a v prompt answer from Olympus UK, which clears up my confusion....... Thank you for contacting OM Digital Solutions regarding the PT-EP12 underwater housing. I am hoping my answer is not even more confusing as there is a unique issue here. There was an alternative PT-EP12 underwater housing made only for the Japanese market called the PT-EP12-02. This model offers different lens ports and accessories. The PPO-EP02 is not compatible with the standard PT-EP12 housing. It is possible that there are third party items compatible with this housing, but I do not have any information on the third party products. What a shame this case was not made available ex Japan.
  2. Pilot Although the chart id downloaded from Olympus, I think it must be wrong. I'll try calling Olympus in the next couple of days, but am assuming that the PPO-EP02 won't fit the PEN housings. Key to this assumption is that AOI make an adapter to allow their PEN ports to be used on OM-D housings. If I hear anything, I'll report back! Kind regards Andy
  3. Hi Barmaglot & ChrisRoss Thanks for the v sensible comments! The simple answer is that I'm not sure... V keen to do some more panoramic work & I think that close up wide angle might suit our diving in both Indonesia & Scotland (vis can be a lot better than many people imagine). I've done some more reading & watched a couple of useful Youtube videos. I'll investigate wet lenses more - Chris what does your "zoom through" comment re the Inon wet lenses mean? That they don't cover the zoom range?? The standard Olympus port doesn't have a 67mm thread - Olympus use a push on mount for a 67mm thread wet macro lens, which my son has used successfully. I'm not sure if this would work optically with a wide angle wet lens - but, regardless, I don't think it would be secure enough with the extra weight. I'll look into other options for adding a 67mm mounting. I'll also look at fisheye lenses & small dome ports. Kind regards Andy
  4. Hi Pilot Thanks - your personal experience is exactly what I was hoping to hear. Sorry - I attached the wrong PT-EP12 system chart - correct one is below. Scroll to the 2nd page. https://asia.olympus-imaging.com/content/000083913.pdf I'm pretty confused........! All the best Andy
  5. Thanks all. Pilot - do you speak from actual experience as, as I mentioned, Olympus compatibility charts are not the clearest! On this one for the PT-EP12, the PPO-EP02 appears to be shown as compatible. https://asia.olympus-imaging.com/content/000019167.pdf However, the manual I've just found for the PPO-EP02 itself clearly shows it being used with the PT-EP08 & PT-EP11 cases. https://cs2.olympus-imaging.jp/jp/support/dlc/archive/man_ppoep02.pdf And AOI (who, I believe, actually make the Olympus housings & ports) make 2 lines - one for the PEN housings (including the PT-EP10 & PT-EP12) and one for the OM-D housings (including the PT-EP08 & PT-EP11). I think I better ring Olympus / OM in the UK........... Maybe this is why I can't find many user comments...... Nobody can work out if they are compatible!
  6. My son has an Olympus PEN E-PL5 in an Olympus PT-EP10 housing. He's had some encouraging results using the standard 14-42mm zoom with the standard port - sometimes the external Olympus wet macro lens; he has a Sea & Sea YSD1 strobe. Recently I've bought a very similar set up secondhand. We're not total beginners, but not far off...... We're looking to extend our capabilities & I've recently had a modest unexpected windfall selling some (non photographic) equipment that I thought I'd have to scrap. So have decided to spend it! I've been looking at dome ports - one surprise was than many ports are made for single, specific lenses. A port that caught my eye is the Olympus PPO-EP02 - which Olympus show as compatible with their 8mm, 12mm, 25mm, 60mm macro & 9mm-18mm lenses on their compatibility chart for the PT-EP12 housing for the slightly later PEN E-PL7. I've struggled to find many comments about it as a port and would love to hear any comments - or alternative suggestions. A couple of specific questions : - Olympus compatibility charts are not the clearest....... Can anyone confirm that it definitely IS compatible with the PEN series housings? I'm aware that I might have to grind off a small projection that I believe is a relic from earlier housings with illuminated ports. - In terms of fisheye lenses, I'd incline towards the Panasonic 8mm - mainly on cost grounds. Does anyone have experience of using the port/lens combination? Or thoughts re compatibility? And if anyone has one of these, or a good alternative port that they have been thinking of listing in the classifieds, I'm all ears! Our diving over the last few years has been a combination of North West Scotland & Indonesia - and this is likely to be the same in the next couple of years.
  7. I was a film photographer 20 years ago with a Nik 3, then Nik 5. Recently become interested in digital photography with my son - using an Olympus E-PL6 / YS-D2. We dive mainly in Scotland & Indonesia.......... Andy
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