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  1. Hello Together Here is a small summary of the first dive with the BMPCC. It is nothing spectacular, I just wanted to test the colors. It is not meant to be an entertainment video, but simply the clips are lined up and a little bit graded. But in my opinion it shows the possibilities which are available under water with this camera. Or what do you think about it. https://youtu.be/vuElZX51Fso I am already looking forward to more dives with the BMPCC
  2. After a very long delivery time (they say because of cov19), I finally have my case for the BMPCC6K in my hands and have tested it of course immediately. The video is a pure test video and should show only some few different settings.There are many shaky ones, but maybe it is interesting for someone who is not sure if he/she should buy or not. [media]http://www.segelspass.net/film/BMPCC.mp4[/media] So that my server doesn't get too much traffic I rendered it in 1920. If anyone has any questions feel free Hardy
  3. Hello I have been reading this forum for quite some time, and have now decided to join it. Currently diving in the caribbean
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