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  1. Interceptor121 sorry I was also replying to that person, not to you, it sounds like we are are both on the same page. I'm new to the forum so just figuring out how to use it. I agree with you on the diffusers,the ones that come with the Z330s could be stronger. I ordered some from GlowDive, they look better, hopefully they perform well!
  2. Is this still available? I will PM you too
  3. I never said that I am not a good photographer and so I didn't need the best quality of light. What I meant was that there are many other important things that will have a larger impact on your image quality than whether you use a top of the line strobe or a premium strobe. Because we are not talking about some little YS-01 or sealife strobe here, the Z330 is a very good product. The most important thing is knowing how to use your gear, of course it's better to have a higher quality of light, but how big of a difference is there really when using these two strobes underwater, compared to the cost? I am still using my old 16 MP Oly OM-D E-M1 and a couple of YS-D1s and I regularly get much better results than people with much better/fancier camera setups. Knowing your gear and using it the best you can will take you much further than just buying the latest greatest stuff. That will help too, but you don't need the latest and greatest to win awards. Sometimes I feel people get too caught up in comparing every minute spec and every little nuance of image quality when that isn't what matters the most.
  4. I went through this debate myself, I talked to a friend and decided to go with the Z330s. The main thing was reliability, Inons are well tested while Retras, as amazing as they make it sound, are still fairly unproven on a heavily produced scale. Yes the Z330s have less even beam, with more brightness in the center and a faster dropoff. But I found some nice looking aftermarket dome diffusers I am going to try out which should hopefully make it much closer of a comparison. Inons are quite a bit cheaper, less battery consumption, and quickly available at a local distributor. One of my friend's other points was that sure, if you are Alex Mustard, get the very best quality of light you can. And of course that is better. But it does cost more and has more reliability risks (in my opinion). And there are many other areas I need to improve on before I should really be obsessing about the perfect beam quality. So now I have two Z330s and I am just waiting for the dome diffusers to see how they do!
  5. Hi, I have been doing underwater photography for the ast 6 years, with an Olympus OM-D E-M1 rig with a couple of YS-D1 strobes. I recently moved (back) to Vancouver Island and am getting in a lot of local diving and figuring out photography around here (more challenging than the tropics!). Looking forward to learning from everyone and maybe sharing some bits and pieces here or there. Thanks! Bryan
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