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  1. Even if there are shortcomings in certain areas with mirrorless, the biggest advantage to me is portability and the size of housing. I can never see myself carrying a DSLR housing, the fact that the kit lenses can be used and paired with WWL for example to produce great quality image whilst still maintaining a small food print is huge. I am in the process of buying a Sony A7 IV to replace my A7 III and by all counts it provides a much better AF and obviously video capability that no DSLR can match.
  2. According to this review he mentions if you are in Photo Mode and you press the record button, your auto focus gets stuck and you won't be able to use auto focus but he says it could be due the lens that he was using. It would be nice to get this confirmed by other A7 IV users.
  3. If the record button doesn't give you all the necessary AF functions in Photo mode then this housing is rubbish for people who would want to take advantage of the improved AF system in A7 IV, I might as well stick with my A7 III.
  4. Seafrogs has released their housing for Sony A7 IV, it is the same housing as for the rest of their Sony A series line up but doesn't include the function for Mode Selector or Joy stick. I don't have an A7 IV yet and I have been waiting on the Seafrogs housing, does it mean that if the mode selector is set to photo that we can't record video and vice-versa? https://seafrogs.com.hk/collections/sony/A7-IV
  5. The housing produces an amazing image, it is so sharp and beautiful Thanks for sharing the great review as always Phil.
  6. Size wise it seems the BS MF is much smaller and weights less, however as mentioned by you it is cumbersome due to extra optical cables and mounting it on the tray. Marelux: Weight: 1.5 lb Dimensions: 8 in × 6 in × 6 in BS MF: Dimensions With Ball(LxWxD): 7.36 x 2.31 x 4.06in Weight in Air: 13.25oz/375g Weight in Water: 5.29oz/150g
  7. Is that this one? https://www.marelux.co/products/smart-optial-flash-tube It comes to $550 with the dock and I can't find any reviews on it to confirm how it works and whether or not suited to Z330. Found the below info: marelux Smart-OFT , latested testing data , 1. one 18650 battery can support aiming light working continously for 12 hours, 2. best shooting distance 17 to 20cm from object, 3. aiming light spot and strobe light spot same size, 4. at 20cm distance , biggest light spot diameter 65mm, smallest 5mm. 5.red aiming light only 0.5w, will not disturb or hurt small marine creatures.
  8. Bringing back this topic. I have a pair of Z330s and I would like to add a noot or the BS Mini flash. Will it be feasible to add the BS Mini alongside the Z330s on the same dive? It seems the snoot options with Z330s aren't as recommended as the BS Mini for snooting
  9. FYI anyone wanting to buy wwl-1B it will not work with Seafrogs housing. I got the ring adapter but as Phil pointed out it doesn't work, the vignette only goes away at 41mm. I have asked the shop to replace wwl-1b with wwl-1 that has the 67mm thread and that should hopefully work fine with Seafrogs housing. @Barmaglot that is the port side, the other side is Bayonet mount.
  10. Seafrogs is apparently a few months away from announcing their housing for A7 IV.
  11. Thanks Phil, I'll revisit the whole system once I get back home. I was so excited to have the new set-up for my travel to Fiji where I have just landed and writing this from the airport but it wasn't meant to be. It was a last minute decision to travel to Fiji so I just managed to get the wwl-1b and no time to really look into it. Sent from my SM-G998B using Tapatalk
  12. Thanks Chris, I'm waiting for a shop to confirm if the converter will fit. Sent from my SM-G998B using Tapatalk
  13. Thanks, it seems not to be compatible. However there is this ring that might the solution? https://reefphoto.com/products/m67-adaptor-ring-for-smc-1-to-use-on-25104-25105 Sent from my SM-G998B using Tapatalk
  14. Thanks Phil, that seems to be the case and I either have to swap the 1B for WWL-1 or try and see if I can find an adapter. Are the bayonet mounts different per the manufacturer? I have found this Fantasea one that looks like what I need but I am not sure if the Bayonet mount will fit the WWL-1B? http://www.fantasea.com/s.nl/it.A/id.781/.f
  15. I think @Barmaglot uses WWL with Seafrogs housing, how do you manage to mount it?
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