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  1. A rather strange answer if you dive into into the consequences of FF and M4/3 sized sensors.
  2. Sorry to hear Adam, Good advices you had enough, enjoy your good work on land till you can dive down again.
  3. Do you mean the photo's were darker than the LCD suggested? If that's the case, have you looked at the Live View settings (D2)? They are restricted to two settings only, Live View Boost (maximum) or 'exposure preview'. Viewfinder settings are more subtle (I). I use the 45°, love how low I can position the camera while making CFWA and macro shots.
  4. Good to mention, now that the Retra strobe thread seems to linger on forever and all other strobes seem to be to dull to buy..
  5. There are some accounts of the em5mkiii not working for this reason. I once bumped my m5iii in its housing before a dive. That dive, no flash. But influence on the recycle time? In wonder.
  6. Indeed one of the Emblemariopsis blennies. The species cannot be distinguished visually. In the Reef Fish identification guide by Humann&Deloach this group of species is collectively named Southern Smoothhead Glass Blenny.
  7. Perhaps this example helps. It's shot with a WWL-1 and an Olympus 14-42 EZ lens set at 42mm (f/3.5-5.6; 1/80). It can be beaten but I think that the sharpness at focus distance (left side of the jelly) is not that bad.
  8. As Wolfgang I own a Olympus 60 mm and a Panasonic 45mm (Previously on a Olympus EPL7, now on a OMD5 III). I also tried the Olympus 30mm once but I didn't like the working distance to be close to the port. Harder to light, larger chance to chase your subject away and larger chance to scratch your lens. As Wolfgang the 45mm is my absolute favorite in less clear water. The larger working distance of the 60mm makes it harder to work with, there's a bigger chance that floating particles will influence the AF. And the same particles will influence your IQ.
  9. Yes indeed, my camera is set at auto WB. Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-A505FN met Tapatalk
  10. Adam and Chris, both of you mention the WB. However I photograph in RAW so I never bother about the WB. Or is this a misconception? Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-A505FN met Tapatalk
  11. Thanks Adam, the reason is clear now, I'll put the diffusers on. Last month I tried out my new flashes in green water and of course I was eager to look at their wide angle capabilities. Not unsurprisingly I got speckled results like his one, even with the flashes 1m apart. For now I concluded that I could have had better results if I had avoided to lighten up the green water (and pointed the left strobe further outwards). Yet I like the green produced at the standard 5500 K.
  12. @Flo90, is the port still for sale?
  13. This summer I planned to dive at the Azores, among others with blue sharks and mako's. Does the advise to shoot with warm colour flash (INON plus 4600 K diffusers in my case) in blue water also hold for shark photography? Adding a yellow hue to the white bellies of the sharks sounds counterintuitive. I think I post this question because I never fully understood the reason to flash 'warm' in blue water and 'cold' in green water. Is it just to get a pleasing contrast with the background?
  14. Thanks Chris, very interesting threads. So no worries with my combination while shooting at 1/400. That's also what Phil Rudin told me from experience in another thread. Good to know that I dont have to recall discharge curves of xenon tubes while photographing against the sun :-)
  15. Officially the Z-330 gives a full dump in 1/1000 sec, do you have other information Chris? My Nauticam trigger on Olympus allows me to shoot at 1/400.
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