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  1. Thanks for the reply. The biggest disadvantage of any of the systems is indeed the battery. When shooting the SLR you could easily go multiple days without needing to recharge the camera. The investing I did now into the Sea&Sea house are pretty limited. So I'm not stuck on staying at Sea&Sea The ports are not that often coming on the second hand market and they are pretty expensive. The Nauticam houses have some really nice features with the build in leak/vacuum sensors and the versatility in all available ports and rings.I'll look a bit more into the EM range to see what would suit me best. And further for specific features im looking for. It should be to bulky to be carrying around. Allot of the times when taking along the camera on dives there's hardly anything to shoot and the camera just hangs on system.
  2. Hi all, already shooting for 10 years with the old Canon 500D in a Sea&Sea housing and its time for an upgrade. I do also shoot the Canon M5 above water and I was trying to find some info on the use of the M5 underwater. Nauticam also has a very nice houding for the camera but im still puzzled wether it is still worthwhile investing in a housing for the Canon M5. For the same price as an M5 housing with port I can also get an Olympus OMD EM10 MIII set with a Nauticam house. I did own some Olympus cameras in the past and never was to enthusiastic about the user-friendliness of the camera's. But that could offcourse have changed nowadays. Looking at specs the 2 cameras look comparable with maybe a slight advantage for the M5. And although the M-lenses are not that extensive (and a bit of a bummer with the Canon M-series) this could be dealt with using either the Wet lenses from Nauticam or with the EFM mount I could also still use some of the old lenses. Looking online for pictures and reviews with the M5 underwater is like looking into the big blue. There seem to be hardly people posting pics made with the system except from the pics shown on the Nauticam site. Are there some people here that would like to share some enduser comments of this setup? Will be using the setup with my 2 Sea&Sea YS-D1 strobes fired by fiber optics. Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi all, based in The Netherlands and mostly diving fresh water. Currently still diving with the old Canon 500D in a Sea&Sea house and now looking to upgrade to something a bit more up-to-date. Cheers, Patrick
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