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  1. Yep. I got an email from them after I ordered it basically saying "it was out of stock" and that they were trying to get it. So, we'll see what happens. I think my lesson is that I shouldn't rely on third party kludge solutions.... - brett
  2. As a quick follow-up, Nauticam put up a link to buy a replacement cable. Amazing customer service. https://www.nauticam.com/products/replacement-usb-cable-for-36332-battery-pack Regards, - brett
  3. Thanks @Barmaglot! I need to do a little more research as well. I seem to remember that my cable had a small little circuit board on the USB end that went into the battery and I wonder if it was because of the power problems mentioned in this thread on Wetpixel back in 2017: If I remember correctly and there was a small circuit board, I'm wondering if it was used to keep the battery pack alive after it was connected to the camera and if a "standard" USB cable wouldn't work. I'll send an email to Nauticam and see what I can learn. Regards, - brett
  4. Somehow, I have managed to lose the cable for my Nauticam NA-36332 battery pack for my Sony a-6400. I have torn apart my garage looking for it and even enlisted the help of my wife who can usually spot things a mile (1.6km) away and even she can't find it. Normally, this would not be a problem. However, Nauticam has discontinued the product which means I cannot buy another battery + cable just to get the cable. I've searched Amazon but have been unable to find a suitable replacement with two right angles on the cable and a short distance cable to fit inside the housing. I've included a picture below of the product. Any ideas?
  5. Yup, the USS Hogan is a great wreck. Here are some more pictures and some historical information: https://wreckedinmyrevo.com/2020/08/06/uss-hogan-dd-178/ - brett
  6. I think you and I have the same camera (a6400)? I personally don't try to remove the WWL-C underwater. For any given dive, once it is on, it is on. It can obviously be removed, but I almost exclusively shoot wide angle so I don't worry about it. I mention that because I didn't buy bayonet holders. Here is what I bought and use with the 16-50 lens and WWL-C: NA-36172 : SE1650-PZ Gear NA-36228 : N85 Macro Port 40 with knob (allows zooming the lens) NA-83250 : M67 to Bayonet Mount Converter II NA-82203 : WWL-C Note that you will need to zoom the lens to 17mm to avoid any vignetting. The vignette is very minimal at 16mm but it does exist. - brett
  7. A zip tie (or two for safety) should work wonders in the meantime. My guess is that the "pin" that is the bottom of the shackle somehow got a little loose and over time unscrewed. If you don't plan on unscrewing it often, you could always add some Loctite on the threads and the re-assemble it. - brett
  8. I've done quite a bit of diving on the Marissa and highly recommend it. Lora (owner) & Chris (DM) are great. Conditions on the Yukon are definitely variable in terms of current, vis, etc. - brett
  9. I regularly dive at those depths and, at least here in California, there isn't much natural light. Even if there is some natural light where you are planning to dive, the colors will all be washed out and shades of blue at that depth without any artificial light so any CFWA shots won't highlight whatever is in the "close" range. My guess is that without any artificial light, you will have to really boost ISO (resulting in grainy photos) and/or open up the aperture resulting in blurry corners (as you mention). I usually dive with a Sony a6400, the 10-18 lens and the 7" dome port (along with my rebreather, multiple stages, reels, strobes, etc.). Sometimes I use the 16-50 "kit lens" and the WWL-C. Either way, I always bring artificial light. - brett
  10. I posted some pictures earlier in the discussion (30 Aug 2020) at 28mm and 30mm. Below is a picture at 24mm and you can definitely see the vignetting.
  11. Just remember that you need to adhere to the "lowest" depth rating of all components in the system. I believe most Nauticam housing are rated to 100m unless you get some special seals put in them. Also, some of the larger domes are depth rated to 60m. One of the reasons I got the N85 7" acrylic dome instead of the 180mm glass dome is the 60m depth rating on the latter.
  12. https://7till8.com/ I have a 3mm dive wetsuit with integrated hood from them.
  13. I've seen 160g and 190g dry weight. It is pretty light, especially in the water. I don't even notice it when I have it clipped off on a D ring.
  14. Of course! My brain spaced out for a bit there with the 24 mm FF equivalent on the APS-C for the WWL-C and the 28mm on the FF for the WWL-1(B). That article is definitely on my list to read. I downloaded it 1-2 weeks ago but "life got in the way" along with a MOD3 cave rebreather course which I recently completed. Thanks, Phil. - brett
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