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  1. This is a wonderful system for someone starting out, or wanting to step up to Digital SLR photography! I will consider all serious offers! !!!!!! New Package Total: $2,500 USD (2.098, - €) OBO !!!!!!
  2. Hopefully you're looking at my ad for the Subal C40 and Canon 40D! Good luck finding a new camera! --Eric
  3. I'm offering a great deal on my 2007 era SUBAL C40 housing with attached SUBAL GS 180 degree Straight Expanded Viewfinder. The housing currently retails for about $1774 USD (1.500,- €) and the viewfinder for about $1960 USD (1.658,- €). The housing is in excellent shape with only minor cosmetic signs of use. The power on/off switch is cracked, but does not affect its operation. I can sell the housing with viewfinder for $2000 USD (1.691,- €) I have a SUBAL DP-FE3 8" Glass Fisheye Dome Port for a lens such as the Tokina 10-17mm zoom. (Glass is in mint condition) for $1400 USD (1.184,- €). I also have a SUBAL FP-68 Flat Port for standard and macro lenses, such as the Canon EF-S 60mm macro USM. (Glass is in mint condition) for $250 USD (211,- €). I would prefer to sell this as a package and will include a very well cared for Canon EOS 40D (body only) for no additional charge. Package Total: $3500 (2.960,- €). Please message me with any questions, or to request additional photographs of the items. I will consider shipping internationally on a case by case basis. All shipping costs, including insurance, will by paid for by the buyer using their designated shipping company. For detail information, click the following links: SUBAL C40 http://www.subal.com/a59c74c2c1/Housings/UW_Housings/Canon/C_40.aspx SUBAL GS 180 http://www.subal.com/a65c58c13/Ports_Gears_Viewfinders/Magnifying_optics_of_search/GS_180_viewfinder.aspx SUBAL DP-FE3 http://www.subal.com/a82c15c13/Ports_Gears_Viewfinders/Dome_ports/DP_FE_dome_port.aspx SUBAL FP-68 http://www.subal.com/a135c16c13/Ports_Gears_Viewfinders/Flat_port/FP_68_flat_port.aspx Please visit my FLICKR Turks and Caicos Album to see photos taken with this system:
  4. No strobes allowed when shooting manatees! This was with my 7D Mark II.
  5. Caribbean Reef Sharks in the crystal clear waters of the Turks & Caicos islands.
  6. Hi! I've been diving and taking underwater photos since 2007. I live in Cape Canaveral, Florida and had to take an involuntary break from diving for over three long years. I'm ready to get back in the water and I'm hoping that the very talented photographers on WetPixel will teach me a thing or two! Thanks! --Eric Caribbean Reef Sharks in Turks and Caicos:
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