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  1. 10 hours ago, Lewis88 said:

    For manual firing, you should be able to use: https://www.backscatter.com/Ikelite-Manual-Dual-Sync-Cord-Nikonos-to-Ikelite


    For TTL, I believe you need to get the ikelite bulkhead items, as their TTL communication is proprietary, like this: https://www.ikelite.com/products/dl5-ds-link-canon-ttl-converter-ikelite-ct1-hotshoe-and-b1a-bulkhead-kit

    Do you know what size the thread is on the nikonos bulkhead? That will be the only concern about it working.



    I have the first cable you put a link on, the manual one. But i dont know what you mean with the size of the thread In the Nikonos bulkhead?? I have bougt it used and the former owner had Inon z 240 strobes and they worked.

  2. Hi

    Got a problem . I have bought me an Hugyfot housing for my Canon 7 D, and i want to use my 2 Ikelite DS 160 on this housing. Wat kind of cabel should i use. The housing uses nikonos bulk head. I have tried an ikelite Y cable non TTL but flashes wont fire. Should i use 2 singel cords ??

    I will be very happy if any one have the answer to me


  3. Hi 

    I am from Norway and i have been UW since 2013. I began with an Canon pocket camera without strobe. Now i own an Canon 7D and an ikelite housing and 2 ikelite DS 160 strobes. Have yust bougt me an used Hugyfot housing that i haveny tried yet. Hope to get som help inside here about the Hugyfot housing .





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