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  1. This resource sounds great, but is not loading.... This site can’t be reached www.digitaldiver.net’s server IP address could not be found.
  2. Hello, While I am not new u/w photography, I have never shot my dad's Hasselblad u/w. We have the 500c and SWC with the Zeiss corrector lens set. His Subsea strobe is obsolete of course. I'm looking for recommendations for dual strobes. Devon said that he can make me an adapter to the current EO connector. So sync cable type is a non-issue. Thanks!
  3. Hello from Central California! I've been a certified diver for 23 years since I was 14. I learned photography using my dad's Hasselblad 500c and SWC. When I was in the Navy, I bought my first u/w camera, a Sea & Sea MMII. I then upgraded to digital with the Sony Cybershot. I didn't dive for a long time. Now I'm back and am getting my Sony RX-100 setup with a Isotta housing and dual S&S strobes. The goal is to shoot the Hasselblad u/w. David Odess is currently servicing the 500c and SWC. I have the blue Hugyfot Hasselblad housing with the the Zeiss corrector lens set for the SWC, which will be serviced by Devon next year. Then I'll be getting dual strobes for it and the new Hasselblad CFV ii 50c digital back. Currently, I'm on a steep learning curve as I want to be able to use my cameras to their full capability. I look forward to soaking up the wisdom from the seasoned veterans on here. Cheers! Paul
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