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  1. Thaniks for the feedback. I went with the A7R3 and an Isotta housing. Nice setup - still working through the learning curve.
  2. I'm interested in the complete package
  3. I love diving in Monterey, but 40' vis is exceptional, and 20-30' is more comment with a lot of particulate or algae in the water colum, making wide shots difficult (at best). This shot looked like crap in color, but I really like it in B&W.
  4. Not a pro. Currently shooting A6500 above and below surface. Wanting to upgrade to full frame camera and housing, without breaking the bank (A1 + Nauticam) so I'm looking at a few used cameras. I can get a good deal on an A7R III - from a practical standpoint, is the A7R IV that much better?
  5. Greetings from Gilroy, CA. Monterey/Carmel is my wet world. I was first certified in 1971 or72, dove for about 8 years, and then not again until June of 2020 when I got back into it. Started with a TG-6, then got a Sea Frogs housing for my Sony A6500, and now thinking about upgrading to a Nauticam or Aquatica housing and a full frame Sony.
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