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  1. Thanks everyone. I've already sent it back to local dealer. Can't do any more tests. Unfortunately the dealer in my country can only do simple diagnosis, but can't disassemble it here. I will know the result within a few days. If it turns out to be too fishy, the strobe will needed to be sent back to HQ in Japan for further analysis. That case, I expected a few weeks for reply.
  2. Update: I have tried suggested cases, here are the results Cable from camera to strobe B, and cable from strobe B to strobe A (This is a little tricky since I'll need to set strobe A to single flash mode) At every cases, strobe B fires every time. At 1/4 power and stronger, strobe A still fires once out of 3 times. At 1/8 power and lower, strobe A improves and fires 10 out of 10 times. Then, I rearrange the cable to normal position (camera to A & camera to B) At 1/8 power and lower, A fires 10 out of 10 times. Mmm. Slowly adjust the dial up to 1/1 power, strobe A struggle again and fire once out of 3 times. Output light of both strobes are the same, so both dials should be fine I noticed that the red ready light of both strobes come back quickly at very close time, around 1 second as per the spec. However, A still not firing. Oh my poor strobe A.
  3. Hi Chris, Yes, Strobe A fires just once out of 3 times, while B fires every time. Haven't tried cable from strobe B to A since I shot wide and cable is too short. I am at home now, nowhere near water, but will definitely try it. I tried 1/4, 1/1, and something in between as well, the result is the same. Didn't try 1/8. Thank you for the tips. Will definitely try suggested F stop next time!
  4. Hi. I have an RX100 rig with this setup Sony RX100 Mark IV Camera Sony Housing Sea&Sea YS-01 Strobe (A) (Used for a few trips, maybe a few hundred fired) (Original version, not a Solis) Sea&Sea fiber optic cable (A) Sea&Sea YS-01 Strobe (B) (Second hand, but never used) (Original version, not a Solis) Sea&Sea fiber optic cable (B) (newer version with larger springy thing) Eneloop Ni-MH rechargeable batteries (white ones) This is my settings on my camera M mode 1/200, F-11, ISO-200 Flash mode: fill-flash Flash Comp.: -3.0 Red eye: Off Settings on strobes Mode: M (double flash icon) Power: 1/2 My problem is, the firing rate of strobe (A) is around 33%, while the newer strobe (B) always fires (100%). At first I'm not quite sure if I shoot too fast, but I have tried waiting for 5 seconds but strobe (A) still struggle to fire. The official spec from Sea&Sea states that the recycle time of full power for Ni-MH batteries is only 1.9 second. I have tried to swap sockets & fiber cables, but things are still the same, which (I think) confirm that my housing and both fiber cables are fine. Any tips? Thanks for your reply.
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