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  1. Hi, has this sold? If not, I'm very interested in purchasing it
  2. I highly recommend getting a pair of Kraken 5000s+'s. Having a video light helps bring back the colors you loose with depth and really makes your footage pop. The kraken lights also have a uv mode - which is really fun on night dives because you can see the fluoresce of different organisms like anemones in the tropics.
  3. I keep mine all in a Cinebag Square Grouper - which I also use to carry my gear to and from the dive boat. It has some zip pockets for o-rings/batteries. They have lots of bag options - so might be worth a look.
  4. Heya Everyone, I'm a SoCal diver currently taking my IDC course and looking to improve my underwater videography skills. I currently shoot on a TG5 with a Kraken 5000s+ light. Best fishes, Megan
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