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  1. Barmaglot and Chris, Thanks for the feedback. Maybe initially I should just get a 105mm CU lens and shot that for a while.
  2. I am looking at buying a wet closeup lens and wondered if anyone had any experience they care to share with the Kraken +6 or +12 wet closeup lens. Currently I am using a 60mm Nikon macro lens on my D850 and wanted to get in a bit closer. My current thought is to probably go with a +6 closeup lens initially. Mainly shooting in the tropics. I searched the forum but couldn't find any comments on either of these lenses. Thanks in advance for your help.
  3. Thanks all for the further comments. The tip on the macro port 30mm extension is a good one. Agree the vacuum valve is a no-brainer. Regarding budget - it is more about space taken up by more and more equipment- we permanently live on a sailing yacht and storing additional equipment is always an issue. So I would rather have one wide angle lens and one macro lens and the ports rather than 2 of each plus their ports. Thanks again.
  4. TimG, Thanks (again) for the input. Being COVID stuck in the southern Caribbean I don't know when or how I will get my hands on a range of housing for the D850. I will probably go by recommendations and then learn to deal with anything that feels odd.
  5. mr.reznovich Did you sell this equipment? Looking for a Nauticam housing for a D850
  6. Hi, Looking at using a Nikon 16 MM Fisheye in a housing on a Nikon D850. any feedback on this lens fro UW use?
  7. After being out of UW photography for 6 years and I want to put my Nikon D850 in a housing and get back into it. So my question to the brains trust is - what do you think is the best housing for a D850 and why? Just some back ground which may direct the answers a bit - I will don't envisage flying with this equipment because we are on a yacht and will be sailing to destinations so the size and weight of the housing etc is not some much of an issue. Like most people I will probably concentrate on macro and wide angle. I already have a Nikon 60mm macro lens and Nikon 16mm Fisheye lens. A good friend in Australia who uses Canon equipment suggest the Nauticam housings. He has 3 Nauticam housings with the oldest from 2006 and he said they have not failed him.
  8. Hi, Wayne W here. A Marine Bio friend suggested I join Wetpixel since I am getting back into UW photography after being out of it for about 6 years which were spent in the Mediterranean. Now we are in the Caribbean. Previously I spent 23 years in the dive industry in Australia mainly on the GBR with occasional trips to PNG, Solomons and even Western Australia. I am now retired and live full time on our sailing yacht and plan to take about a further 5 years to get back to Australia. Luckily we have a dive compressor on board as well as all the other gear. Looking forward to picking some members brains for information and who knows, ultimately may even be able to contribute at some stage.
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