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  1. I heard rumors about D580 (D500) and a D880 (D850), good news for dslr continuity. https://nikonrumors.com/2020/11/24/recap-of-recent-nikon-presentation-two-new-nikon-dslr-cameras-and-several-f-mount-lenses-coming-in-2021.aspx/#more-152857
  2. Hi Adam, Nikon D780 uses the same autofocus that the Z6 of phase detect in live view mode. For this reason I like it and I'm considering buying t'he D780 for underwater photograpy.
  3. Exactly, live view mode like a Z6. The problem is the flash timing at 1/200
  4. Hello good morning, I currently have a Nikon D7200 for underwater photography and a Z6 for landscape on land. I am thinking of selling both and buying a Nikon D780 for landscape and underwater photography. Does anyone have it and can you tell me about your experience?
  5. Hi, I'm new to the forum, I hope to learn a lot here. Sorry for my english...
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