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  1. Cool! Loved the Red Sea! Which location was this?
  2. Hi David, Thank you very much for your effort of replying and your feedback! Will look into it next time!
  3. Great to see the image you can get with the A6000! A already had the A6500, and use the same kit lens, a lot of people are quite negative about it, but I kinda like the lens, it has a nice zoom range. Looking for a wet macro lens though, to get a little closer sometimes Hope we can dive soon again, looking forward to future video's!
  4. Yeah I understand, sound effects and colour grading are difficult aspects of video editing, but in the end definetely worth the time and effort imo. I don't know which editor you use, I edit in Adobe Premiere, where you can colour with help of the Lumetri scopes, which I find very usefull, especially for matching different coloured clips together. Colouring is a science on its on, but you can find some usefull tutorials on youtube on the subject. Greetz!
  5. Hi! Thanks for sharing your video! Love the fast cuts, a lot of time these kind of video's are a little to slow for my liking, but really like your tempo. Also the colours are great, what materials you use? Dang you came close to that whale shark
  6. Hello everybody, A little introduction, I am into video making a couple of years now, and we added diving to our hobbies since last year. Did OW and AOW, and this year our first dive-oriented holiday in Marsa Alam, Egypt. We had some back luck with the weather and therefore some murky water here and there, but overall Egypt was a lovely place to dive. I am kinda experienced with camera's, but this was my first time bringing it underwater, so still figuring some things out. Anyway, looking forward to some constructive feedback! Thanks in advance fore watching and replying! I Used a Sony A6500, with 16-50mm lens in the Fantasea 6500V2 housing, and Sealife Duo 5000 lighting. Greetings! Roberto
  7. Hi! Thanks for sharing your video! Overall i really liked it! Some points of feedback; - The video starts with silence, which made me wonder if my speakers where working. I would suggest to start with some music or sound effects to immediately engage with your audience. - Some tekst was visible at the botom of the screen in the beginning, but I could hardly read it. Later I found out it's your trademark logo? I would sugest to make it a little smaller and on the side of the screen, but that's personal offcourse. - When the music starts it's beautiful, the images and the cuts fit the music perfectly! - Though the contrast in your images is great, they are all kinda blue, I think with a little more colour grading a little bit more colour here and there could be applied. Maybe something to like at in future video's. - I like how you went from big schools in the epic part of the music, to littler fish in the softer part of the music. Overall great video!
  8. Hello everybody, my name is Roberto and I am into videography since a couple of years, mostly travel. Last year we started diving in Indonesia, and I just had to bring my camera under water since. This year we did our first dive-oriented holiday in Egypt and we totally loved it, and can't wait to get back in the water after Corona. I hope to find inspiration here, as well as usefull feedback on my video's and the opportunity to learn from others. Greatings! Roberto
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