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  1. I use two inon z-330 and while it certainly feels "crowded", the working distance of the sony 90 certainly allows my strobes in the right position. I guess I usually shoot against a mucky background so the flips dont get in the way of the inward lighting I default to.
  2. I love mine, Im able to run an SMC-2 and a CMC-2 all on the same dive. Ive never thought to do a review because it just works, its stable, it doesnt have any wobbly parts, and it fits my nauticam port like a glove. If you have the single flip, it works pretty much the same, just double the fun.
  3. I figure you are correct that the beam angle wouldnt change (much) if the light source is at the same given depth within the opaque part of the light housing, but I always figured having a domed front for a light would allow for a more foward seating of the source which would expand the angle by simply uncovering more of the beam.
  4. I bit the bullet and purchased the $28 kolumb power pack listed on walmart. Lets see if thats what actually shows up or if the lister pulls a switcheroo.
  5. If you are interested in taking a little more control of your images through manual settings, you can save yourself a bunch of cash, and use your current strobes with the ikelite housing manually as well. Once you go manual, you wont care much for TTL.
  6. I have found a few batteries which have the same dimensions on US Amazon, and a few cables which *look* similar, but the magic is in the wiring of the nauticam cable which keeps the battery "awake" after charging the camera to full.
  7. The bridge is a special place, and a real gift for underwater photographers. Its always worth the trek.
  8. Discussion about building these ourselves aside, I'm still keeping my feelers out for a battery + dongle kit. I'll pay a premium!
  9. I primarily do supermacro with a Sony a6500+ sony 90mm + Nauticam SMC-1 or CMC-2 and super resolution has halted my interest in upgrading to full frame. Even images with 50% + crops can be resuscitated for large prints. Frankly for Wide angle the Sony 10-18 is a better underwater lens option than what you can pick from Fullframe.
  10. @boris you have rich and varied subjects which works great since its based around the same theme, I also see you do great populating your captions. Building up the audience for your (actually very nice) content looks to be your biggest hurdle which requires a little algorithm work. Right now the Instagram algorithm penalizes the overuse of the same hashtags from the same account (because it looks inauthentic or like bot activity) additionally people are getting great results by using less, but more specific hashtags. Instagram is currently rewarding is the use of varied content such as video, Reels, or multi picture posts. Now I don't shoot video but taking 30 minutes to learn how to edit your stills into a fun 15 second videos using apps like Capcut to create Reels (or tiktoks) can drive an audience to your main work.
  11. That's very interesting, are they on the same mode/power setting? both with fresh batteries? I just tried out my types 1s and they were both 6 seconds on the dot.
  12. I'm interested. Check your Instagram DMs. (maybe in the filtered/ hidden DMs)
  13. In that case I can see that there isnt a strong identity to the account. The subject meanders between unlit underwater shots, dogs, cropped images of a some sharks, farway birds on powerlines, gopro footage, and okay bug macro. Its hard to build an audience with such disparate subjects. You would do well to apply the same principles of composition to your underwaterwater shots as you nail with your bug macro.
  14. If you're @salty_vin I can see there isnt much photography content on your page, just some beach cleanup pics, pics of your boat, and some ungraded gopro video of snorkeling. Slice of life/personal lifestyle work tends to have limited appeal unless there is a bikini clad girl involved.
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