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  1. Its not the battery specifically, but the cable has additional circuitry which keeps the battery "awake". Typically an external battery would go dormant as soon as its not charging something, and you would wake it up by unplugging/plugging back in, which is of course impossible in a housing.
  2. If you eventually decide to split, I will pay above MSRP + shipping for the extended battery and cable.
  3. Give it a try with the Nauticam CMC-2 with the 16-55. You'll find the working distance to be doable, and certainly better and more unique than either of the 50mm offerings.
  4. Hello, I am looking to find the nauticam external battery pack for the Sony a6500 and included cable, this is unfortunately recently discontinued! Thanks!
  5. If you decide to split, I am interested in the battery pack.
  6. Nice which operator did you use for desecheo?
  7. You really cant go wrong with a gopro for getting the feel of underwater video. by shooting with the flat color setting you can get a feel for color grading, and I feel like wide angle/ nature light is where all the punchiest video comes from anyway. The next step up from a gropro would entail spending nearly three or four times the cost of a gropro, just for a camera+ housing+ lighting.
  8. Hello Everyone! I am a freediver and natural history content junkie! I love taking my Sony a6500 in Seafrogs housing around the world with me as I learn how to take less blurry pictures of girls in bikinis (and fish). I'm recently relocated to South Florida and have been loving every minute.
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