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  1. If you decide to split, I am interested in the battery pack.
  2. Nice which operator did you use for desecheo?
  3. You really cant go wrong with a gopro for getting the feel of underwater video. by shooting with the flat color setting you can get a feel for color grading, and I feel like wide angle/ nature light is where all the punchiest video comes from anyway. The next step up from a gropro would entail spending nearly three or four times the cost of a gropro, just for a camera+ housing+ lighting.
  4. Hello Everyone! I am a freediver and natural history content junkie! I love taking my Sony a6500 in Seafrogs housing around the world with me as I learn how to take less blurry pictures of girls in bikinis (and fish). I'm recently relocated to South Florida and have been loving every minute.
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