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  1. I have a few SB102 strobes, never flooded and well stored, have put new batteries and all that is working is target light. The red light flash’s 3 times but no strobe life, is this a sign of dead capacitors? Any one have any ideas or suggestions? Thanks Greg
  2. Here is a picture taken by me last summer its in Malta on the Rozi. Shot with Nikonos V, 15mm lens 1/60th F4 and two flash guns SB102 in TTL with SB105 in slave mode. Depth some 32mts.
  3. Hi Joel, If your looking at a syatem to use above and below water, I would suggest Subal housing and say a good Nikon camera. The one nuisance with these housings is that if you change camera then the housing will also need to be changed. I found the best solution to this was to invest in the best camera possible. In my case I bought the Nikon D700 (professional camera and Dx/Fx) now despite its age now, its still very sought after. I bought mine when it was introduced so spent £3000.00 body only! I use the Subal D70 housing with it and the combination still gives me top notch results. There are other housings and combinations so it really depends on you and your potential budget. Hope that helps Greg
  4. I am after a damaged Nikonos SB102 for parts if any one can help. Cheers
  5. Hi I use Subal for my digital photography and while not cheap it’s a great system. I suggest you buy the best camera you can to avoid changing housings too often. I use a Nikon D700 which is a professional standard camera and have had the associated Subal housing for over 12 years. Like you I also use Nikonos with film which I still think beats digital as you must think more. cheers
  6. Hello, I also recently joined wetpixel. Regards Greg
  7. If any one might be interested I have a new Subal Flash Housing for Nikon SB80Dx to sell. I bought it a few years ago direct from Subal but only dived it once as I was given another Nikon SB910 and of course had to buy another housing from Subal. The housing is unmarked and comes with the Sync Chord. When I bought the unit it cost me some £1500.00 not including the flash. I am hoping to recover £350.00. I can be contacted on 07799531601 or via Wetpixel if preffered. Many Thanks Greg
  8. I have over the past two years been busy resurecting my old Nikonos V system which I use in Tandem with my Subal housing in which I have a Nikon D700. Going back to film has been most interesting and challenging, because you have to use the photographic brain ie f stop, speed, ASA etc.
  9. I have been diving the Maltese Islands for many years and while its not as vibrant as aother destinations like the Red Sea etc, it is very interesting with a great diversity of marine life and apart from many war time wrecks there are a number of artificial reefs like the P29 pictured above. The octopus lives not too far from the P29 and is a good example of how by using old ships as reefs marine animals are being encouraged to breed and continue.
  10. Hello to all, Yes a new member to Wetpixel, but not a new underwater photographer. I am a 63 year old retired airline pilot. I have logged some 10000 dives since 1969 and have been doing underwater photography since the late 1970's.
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