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  1. I have a DS-125 that has seen all of about 4 dives that I am looking to sell....I'm in Australia though so am not sure if thats an issue. It has the smart charger and the multiple plug ends for international use...
  2. Thanks folks, yeah in a perfect world I would have 5K plus just for the Subal housing here in Oz, but thats not going to happen unfortunately - if the Ikelite stuff is up to the the task then ill go with it. I think ill be going with the dedicated 105VR port, the big new 8" dome which can take care of a number of other lenses and a DS125 strobe to start. Hopefully that will do the trick initially.. Thank you for the input!
  3. Hi all, so heres my story.... I'm about to undertake some pretty intensive (submerged) research for my PhD and am in need of a housing and strobes etc. for the D80. I was ABOUT to go for the Ikelite range (I'm new to UW photography but have been reading a heck of a lot and this range seemed to be fairly fiscally accessible, good quality and well established) - when a company that does not supply these products recommended I go with a 'better quality, non-cheapo throw away' brand like Subal or Nexus...I assume they were talking about the housings primarily. It seems a lot of people are happy with Ikelite gear, yes? And that Subal/Nexus/Sea&Sea are in the higher price range...I assume this is because you get what you pay for as the adage goes and they are 'better'? I don't assume that the Ikelite plastic housings and ports are really as cheap and crappy as I have been led to believe by these people, and it may have something to do with the fact that they wouldnt be getting my research grant funding!!? But I dont mind paying a bit extra for something that will stand the test of time... I would appreciate any ideas or perspectives regarding peoples experiences with different products...I have much to learn before investing in a full set up. This is a brilliant site by the way - kudos to all! Thanks!
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