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  1. Hi I want to sell my Isotta Sony A7RIV housing ( I have two Isotta A7RIV housing and want to sell one that I use only for testing in the pool 1 hour) --------------------------------------------- NEVER USE IN SALT WATER ! USED FOR TESTING MY CAMERA IN THE POOL 1 hour NO LEAK LIKE NEW FROM THE BOX ---------------------------------------------- Spec: - Isotta A7RIV housing - Vacuum system from Aoi Japan (optional) - Manual flash trigger from Isotta (optional) - Electronic sync cord (optional) - Built in fiber optic connection - Ball joint for gopro mount (optional) - Spare oring and grease ================================ Buy from Prodive AD in Thailand ( 17.10.2022 ) Have warranty from Isotta Italy --------------------------------------------------- Prices for all equiments = 3,700 USD from full prices 4,xxx USD --------------------------------------------------- Prices do no include shipping. ( Ship from Thailand by UPS or whatever buyer wants ) Can pay by paypal or bank account but the buyer must pay the expenses incurred. For more information: nahmton@gmail.com ------------------------------
  2. That's great! I didn't ask Isotta to do it because in my opinion at first, I want to adjust the length from the back of WWL to front of flat port. Isotta support told me at 28 mm it will show slightly vignetting. So I think if I glide the flat port thread about 0.5 to 1 mm. It might help with vignetting. I think it is better to try it first and adjust by myself. But when I try with WWL underwater. The vignetting at 28 mm is all gone. (Because there is a water between WWL and flat port) I'm not sure is Mr.Enrico Rabboni has the corner vignetting at the widest open like Isotta support told me or not? Wish to know his review with his setup for education and maybe someone can follow our setup.
  3. No. I do it myself because I'm not sure how to tell Isotta where exactly to make the notch ( If the notch moves off center a little bit, the dome shade will show in the picture.)
  4. If you won't switch only use for WWL. It will be easier, no need to adapt. First, you have to remove 2 anti-rotation pins from Nauticam bayonet mount II. Then, you can screw bayonet mount directly to M67 macro port. I have tested it, if you screw tightly. It will stable.
  5. That's great! I already told Thomas how to do slightly adjustment at the flat port. If you use Nauticam bayonet, you have to make a groove for anti-rotation. However, if you don't switch WWL in and out frequently like me (I switch from WWL to SMC-1 for macro photos) It maybe can use without adjustment at the flat port.
  6. Thanks, Yes, the zoom gear has to ordered directly to Isotta factory. No information on Isotta website. I have tested my set up already. Please check my article. The result is pretty good and worth to try.
  7. Banda Sea : Ring of fire Nov 2022 —————————————— Camera : Isotta SONY A7RIV + 28-60 mm Zoom gear for 28-60 (is-3540) M67 Macro port H63 B120 (is-2364) Nauticam WWL-1B + SMC-1 Strobes : Sea & sea YS-D3 —————————————— Thanks Elisa Isotta for customizing my zoom gear. I really recommend Isotta Housings. Very good customer service. Italian-made aluminum housings are compact, meticulously engineered, and ergonomic. Thanks Thomas from Backscatter Underwater Video & Photo for your advice about my housing : Isotta's housing plus Nauticam wet wide lens. I have tested it underwater and the result is great. No vignetting at wide open 28mm. Corner sharpness is quite good ( Better than 16-35 with glass dome port but not equal WACP). In addition, in the single dive I can shoot both macro and wide angle. It’s a great solution. Thanks Mr.ChrisRoss for your advice about contact the Isotta factory.
  8. Thanks for your advise ChrisRoss. I will check the N120 macro port 45.
  9. Hello everyone First of all I’m Nauticam user and I want to switch to Isotta because of the weight and size of housing. My gears: Sony A7RIII + Sony 28-60 + flat port 45+ WWL-1B (attach to M67 thread) And Canon fisheye 8-15 + 140 mm dome and 90 macro + 105 mm flat port But I have some questions 1. Can I use WWL-1B + M67 to bayonet converter II with Isotta M67 macro port H63-B120 ? Or which length do I need? because I calculate the length of extension with other setup such as 90 macro between Nauticam and Isotta. The different is about 17 to 18mm. In theory, I think when I use Nauticam Flat port 45mm. (45 + 18 = 63mm which is the length H63 in Isotta) 2. Have anyone see isotta zoom gear with 28-60 lens? I have look in the catalog and don’t find it. Thanks for advise I will really appreciate. Namton
  10. Thank you for giving me advice and support. I will try to shoot slight upwards and decrease a little of saturation in Lr. I think I push it to much Thanks again for discussing all the pictures with me.
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