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  1. I was looking for a housing for my Sony NEX-6 but these are tough to find. They also had an issue price of nearly $2,000. I've decided to buy a Sony RX100 V or VA (used: they're pretty common) which is the last RX100 using the F1.8 lens. Then I'll buy a Salted Line case for it which should be a pretty good starter system. I've seen these $49 or $129 cases by these Chinese companies but I'm skeptical they're any good.
  2. Hi again. As mentioned in messages I'll buy this Nauticam with one or both cameras. If you send me details I'll arange for payment. I'm in Florida, USA.
  3. Wow I can finally reply since I'm no longer a "brine shrimp". I was going to ask where are you located but I see you're in Austria. I have some "talers" from Austira but I guess you don't use those any more... "16mm Sony pancake." Is that an E-mount lens? I do need a wide angle lens too.
  4. Just got the Olympus TG-5 (Tough) but have decided to return it as it seems too fragile. I guess it's a point & shoot with very modest underwater capability? For one, the battery cover is just a thin plastic flap with 2 little very thin plastic hinges. I think a better route would be to get a good case for my Sony NEX-6 (mirrorless DSLR) for which I've two lenses. I'd also like to get a wide angle lens for underwater shots. I've heard that the Nautica cases were discontinued. Is that true.
  5. It says that my profile is 0% complete and I can't post. Yet I think I've introduced myself and uploaded some pictures. Yet it's still 0% complete and I can't post --except for here. Yes I've comfirmed my email & all that.
  6. Hi,

    As far as getting your jellyfish photo to replace your "D", it should be possible.  The pix is low res so it'll fit.  Maybe rename it to something simple like "jellyfish_750px.jpg"   Use the .jpg  suffix rather than .jpeg   See if tht works.


    Here I'll attach it here.


  7. Hi, Just joined wetpixel. Looking to get more involved with UW (underwater) photography. Live in South Florida and looking for more shallow water shots but we'll see how it goes. Currently have a Sony NEX-6 camera which I like. This has a F1.8, 50 mm fixed lens. I never liked the stock E-mount F3.5 - 5.6 18-55mm lens it was shipped with. That couldn't outperform the average cell phone as it was always too dark. Probably looking more for action shots in pools and shallow water rather than close up macro shots of sea cucumbers and plankton. Just bought an Olympus Tough TG-5 camera but will return it as it looks too cheaply made to be viable underwater. The battery hatch for one thing is thin plastic with two very thin little plastic hinges. When they get tired I see no way of keeping water out of it. On diving, have been diving off and on for many years but still only Padi OW. Maybe I should get better certifications once the corona vaccine's out? The pix is of me reef diving in Florida: taken by someone in the group I was in with just a simple point & shoot.
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